Mumsy is a blog that I use to focus on the joys and realisms of being a mom and woman in the modern day world. Which means I mix my own personal experiences with those of other incredible people.  As I go about doing this, I love to incorporate amazing products/businesses that fit my demographic and brand.

So here are few things you need to know...

If you want to submit a post to be featured on mumsy:

1) E-mail post submissions to with "submission" typed in the subject box. Include a description of the submission.  The more info, the better!

2) Submissions must contain a list of the names and websites of all vendors, people, businesses, etc. you may be collaborating with.

3) You will need to provide 10-15 images for your feature [i only ask this so that I have some options to choose from].  

*images must be 670 pixels wide [from left to right].  

*images must be individual-no collages please!  

*images cannot be branded with your logo or watermark.  If you worked with a photographer, please include their name and a link to their site.

4) Allow for up to 2 weeks for a response.  And try to refrain from submitting something you have shared on other sites so we can keep things very fresh and new here on Mumsy.

What you get: All the credit and features on my social media feeds too!

If you want your product featured on Mumsy:

I love featuring amazing products and sites here on Mumsy.  If you would like to feature your product and/or business here on Mumsy, I promote in the following ways...

1) Website only feature

2) Social media only feature (Facebook, Twitter, Snap Chat, Instagram, and Pinterest)

3) Website and Social Media feature

*** Prices for each vary, so feel free to shoot me an e-mail at mentioning the promotion you are most interested in and we can go from there.

I promote through the following venues:

Instagram: @themumsyblog
Facebook: themumsyblog
Twitter: @themumsyblog
Pinterest: themumsyblog
Youtube: themumsyblog

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