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Spring Break is finally here!  Can you believe it?  A lot of you probably have some fun vacations and road trips planned for this week off of school.  But, if your family is like mine, you are opting to stay home for either financial, scheduling, or other personal reasons.  And just because you are staying home , doesn't mean you can't have just as much fun.  

Over the years, my kids and I have had quite a few Spring Break staycations.  And one of our favorite things to do is have an 'Anything Goes Day'.  Which always consists of my kids choosing to stay in their pajamas all day.  Eat more treats then I usually let them have on a daily basis.  And have more than the one to two hours of daily allotted screen time they are usually given.  Something I am totally ok with because for their screen time, I have my kids use our Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids Edition tablet.  Which has a bunch of amazing features you can read about HERE and HERE.  

So, if you too are wanting to have your own 'Anything Goes Day', here are some fun things you and your kids could do with your own Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids Edition tablet.

 Amazing Spring Break Staycation Ideas for Kids

1) Read-a-thon
Download your favorite books and have a family read-a-thon.  Then use discussion cards that you can access through the parental control settings to summarize the books you read and be able to have an open ended discussion with your children about their thoughts on the books.

2) Movie Party
Build a fort, pop some popcorn, and sit under your newly constructed canopy of pillows and blankets while watching shows from your children's favorite programs like PBSkids, Nickelodeon, and Disney.

3) Host a Family Game Night
Select and download some of your kids favorite educational games and have fun playing them together as a family just for fun.  Or maybe even turning it into a friendly competition and having a few prizes on hand for first place winners.

And there you go Mumsies!  If your budget doesn't allow you to travel this Spring Break.  Don't worry, these staycation activities are sure keep your kids happily preoccupied and your week filled with endless memory making experiences.  

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