Hey Mumsies!  I'm excited to be sharing another collaborative post with you today!  

This one is all about plus-size clothing and the amazing options that are currently out there.  Which is so great because beauty comes in all shapes and sizes!  And whether we are a size 2 or a size 20 we deserve to have clothing options that make us feel amazing!

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Take a Look at Plus-Size Clothing Retailers
Over time, the retail landscape changes. Every year, new retailers enter the
market and come up with interesting and new ideas. Often, they start out by
spotting a gap in the market and filling it. Once they are successful, they then
start to evolve so that they appeal to other types of shoppers.
Plus size retailers sell clothes in smaller sizes too
That is certainly what appears to be happening with many plus-size retailers.
Over the past few years, the best of them have gone from offering a small
selection of boring, often old fashioned clothes, in a limited color palette, to
selling amazing clothes in a big range of size.
As you can see here this plus size retailer offers literally hundreds of items of
apparel in a huge range of styles. Refreshingly, many of them are available in
sizes 8 to 28. As a result, most women can actually find and buy clothes that
fit them from this type of retailer.

A better fit
Unfortunately, many mall-retailers simply take a size 6 outfit and simply add a
couple of inches all over to produce a pattern to make the same garment in a
size 18 or 20. Unfortunately, the net result of this simplistic approach to
producing plus size clothes is usually not good. What tends to happen is that
you end up with blouses and dresses that fit fine around the waist, but do not
really accommodate your bust. These are uncomfortable to wear and, because
they do not hang right, rarely look good.
Fortunately, most plus size retailers do not take this one shape for all sizes
approach, when they design their clothes. They are more aware of the fact that
when you put weight on you put it on at different rates in each part of the
body. Plus size fashion retailers tend to offer a better choice of cuts and sizing
combinations, which means their clothes are far more likely to fit your body
type better.

Flattering cuts for all shapes
The fact that they are acutely aware of the many different body types means
that they tend to offer a good range of cuts. This makes it easier to find clothes
that flatter your figure, accentuating your curves and skimming over any
bulges you may feel self-conscious about.
This is also good news for quite slim women. Even if you are not particularly
overweight, as you age your waist tends to expand a bit, almost regardless of
what you do to try to stop this from happening. Gravity and hormonal changes
in your body make an expanding waistline almost inevitable. You can read
more about why this happens here.
Unfortunately, even a woman who regularly attends the gym is likely to
struggle to maintain a completely flat tummy, as they age. They just do not
have the time to up their exercise regime enough. Therefore, for women who
have managed to maintain a healthy weight being able to buy clothes that
skim over their bulges, however slight, is also important.

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