Screen time.  It's a phrase that makes all of us moms cringe to some degree because we know it's something that everyone and their dog has an opinion on and is something that we all most likely have a strong love/hate relationship with.  What do you think? 

Whether we like it or not, we are raising our babies in a society that is driven and dictated by screen time.  Luckily, there are some amazing educational apps for kids that not only entertain our kids but also teach them things too!  And ever since Isaac started preschool, I have been on the hunt each year for the most current and best educational apps for kids.  

So, today, I am sharing with you Mumsies my personal list of the most amazing educational apps for kids for the 2017-2018 school year.  That I promise you will want to go and download as soon as you are down reading this post!

15 Amazing Educational Apps for Kids 

Preschool Age Kids

An interactive ABC app where kids learn the alphabet and the sounds each letter makes with the help of the cutest little monsters ever.
Made by the same creators of Endless Alphabet, this interactive app teaches kids everything they need to know about numbers with the help of more monster friends!

A fun app that helps kids learn about and recognize shapes by using them to put together various puzzles.
Learn numbers and basic addition and subtraction with the help of fishy friends.
Discover nature's wonders!  Kids play and learn about plants, animals, seasons, and ecosystems in this fun app.

1st-3rd Graders

In this follow up to the Endless Alphabet App, the stage is set for reading success.
Practice, strengthen, and revisit math skills in this fun multi-grade level app.
A fun-filled puzzle solving adventure that will really get the wheels in your kids' brains turning.
This app helps kids learn and recognize the grade level text they need to know to become successful readers.
Learning to code is the next big thing.  So help your kids become masters at it with this super fun app that makes coding seem like a piece of cake!

4th-6th Graders

Using the Montessori method, this app helps your child learn everything they need to know about world geography.
The game that secretly teaches geometry through hundreds of fun and engaging problem solving puzzles.
Learning about the states is a piece of cake with this engagingly fun app!
Easily learn about the elements by mixing them to create things like dinosaurs, unicorns, and even spaceships in this app.
One of the most addicting puzzle apps that is an exploration through incredible architecture and challenging geometry, and amazing optical illusions as you help a princess on the quest of a lifetime.  

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