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Date nights.  In the past, Dave and I were the worst at these!  Using the rare freedom from parenthood we did have to spend our time going to dinner and a movie.  Which I'm not trying to knock if you and you honey buns are in to that sort of thing.  But for me and Dave, I found that we were getting stuck in a horrible routine where we were just going through the motions of doing date night, and not using that time to grow closer together as a couple.  Which is personally what I think the purpose of date night is all about!

So, Dave and I kicked our old dating routine out the front door, started coming up with more unique date ideas, and got back to actually dating each other.  I mean, think about it.  When you first start dating the person you would one day marry, your dates probably consisted of something fun, exciting, and out of the box.  Where you were doing something that would help you get to know each other better, fall more in love, and inspire you to even get a little frisky in public if that's your kind of thing.  It definitely was mine and Dave's.  Ha ha!  But for some reason, that usually stops once you get married.

How's your married dating life doing?  Is it vibrant, exciting and fun?  Or do you feel like you're stuck in a rut?  If your answer is "yes" to the latter, here are 13 unique date ideas for couples, Dave and I have tried ourselves, that will definitely reignite your marriage! 

13 Unique Date Ideas for Couples 

1) Plan a fun outdoor date.
Dave and I recently went to the amazing DEER VALLEY SKI RESORT in Park City, Ut for a super fun day date!  Check it out in the video below!

2) Try out a new restaurant.
Ok, I know this goes against what I previous said about not going out to eat. But what I meant is to avoid going out to the same places sometimes.  Instead, go to restaurant you haven't been to before, share some menu items neither of you have tried before, and then while you're eating, engage in conversation that doesn't involve talking about the kids, house, or work.  Instead, ask each other questions that help you learn more about your spouse and grow closer together as a couple.  

Love THIS couples question set.

3) Go dancing.
Who doesn't love a good excuse to steam things up a big and get physical with their partner in public?!  Ha ha!

4) Take a skills class together.
Whether it's painting, pottery, cooking, or whatever.  Attend a skills class and learn something new together.

5) Participate in a service activity.
There is nothing more sexy to me than seeing Dave help out others in need.  

Visit THIS website for some amazing service opportunities in your area.

6) Play sports together or attend a sporting event together.
There's nothing more fun then cheering on a favorite sports team together or getting physical and sweating it out on the court, field, gym, etc.

7) Make a couple's bucket list together and then start crossing it off.
Making and crossing off a bucket list together is a great way to learn more about your spouse and the things they are currently most interested in.

8) Re-create one of your favorite dates you went on together before you got married.
We all have that one favorite date we went on with our spouse before we got married.  So why not recreate it and bring back all those amazing feelings and emotions from that special date?

9) Do something scary together.  
Whether it's sky diving, repelling, going to a haunted house, or something else.  Doing something scary together forces you to rely on each other for courage and strength.  Which in turn, helps draw you closer together as a couple.

10) Have an indoor movie night.
Instead of going to a movie theater where you'll be sitting next to each other and mindlessly staring up at the screen while simultaneously shoving handfuls of popcorn in your mouth, opt watch a movie at home instead.  By doing this, you will be able to snuggle up on the couch together, better engage in the movie, share better snacks, and even make-out (or do more) without getting asked to leave.

11) Plan a themed date.
Pick a theme you both love and then only do date activities that allow you to stick to that theme.

12) Go on a double date.
For some reason, having friends around can makes things that much more fun and exciting.  So plan a double date with your marriage besties and let the good times roll!

13) Get a little competative.
Not only are games fun to play.  But they also let you engage with your partner in a way that you normally wouldn't.  So go mini-golfing, stop by the closet bowling alley, try out a new virtual reality center, or crank out your favorite card and/or board game (some of our favorites are Bananagrams, Bang, and Backwards Charades.).

And there you have it love birds!  Hope you all have as much fun getting back to "dating" your spouse like Dave and I have!

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