15 Summer Road Trip Must Haves by Utah blogger Michelle of Mumsy

BBQ's, baseball, pool days, s'mores, camping, etc.  It just wouldn't quite be summer without any of these things.  And as you Mumsies know, road trips are also one of those things that make summer...summer.

Every summer, my family goes on a few road trips, and thanks to the road trip must haves I've learned over the years, our family road trips are pretty flawless.  But, let me tell you...they weren't always like this!  I can't help but laugh as I think back on all the rookie mistakes I made when Dave and I first started taking our kids on road trips.  Like that one time I forgot to bring something to put garbage in, and I was literally stuffing wrappers, diapers, and you name it in any available compartment we had.  Or that other time when I thought it would be a good idea to let my boys bring their tiny action figures and they ended up getting lost in the car 5 minutes into our road trip and we had to deal with an hour long meltdown.  Ha ha!  

Yeah, I've definitely learned a thing or two since then and sharing every road trip must haves I know to help make your own family road trips an enjoyable and pleasantly memorable experience!

15 Road Trip Must Haves

15 Summer Road Trip Must Haves by Utah blogger Michelle of Mumsy

15 Summer Road Trip Must Haves by Utah blogger Michelle of Mumsy

15 Summer Road Trip Must Haves by Utah blogger Michelle of Mumsy

15 Summer Road Trip Must Haves by Utah blogger Michelle of Mumsy

15 Summer Road Trip Must Haves by Utah blogger Michelle of Mumsy

15 Summer Road Trip Must Haves by Utah blogger Michelle of Mumsy

1) Do a quick tune-up on your car at Firestone Complete Auto Care.
A day or two before you leave on your road trip, take your car into your local Firestone Complete Auto Care to have your tires checked, oil refilled, and your brakes and battery realigned so that your car is in tip top shape so that you can easily rely on your car to get you and your family to your destination without any problems along the way.

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2) Keep an extra gallon (or 2) of gas in your car.
Having your car run out of gas is the last thing you want to happen when you're on a road trip.  Especially if you are out in the middle of nowhere.  Talk about scary!  So make sure to keep an extra gallon or two of gas in your car if you are driving long distances.  

3) Make sure you have a map.
As reliable as our smart devices are these days.  There are still places in the U.S. where we can't get service and our phones become absolutely useless.  So, do like your own mamas did, and make sure you have a physical map of where you are going on hand so that if you happen to get lost in an area where cell reception is non-existent, you're still able to figure out where you are and where's you're going.

4) Gather your gadgets!
The day before you go on your trip, gather up all of your gadgets (smart phone, tablet, camera, etc.) that you will be taking on your trip and fully charge them.
Also, make sure to bring a couple of portable chargers too.  Just make sure to test them beforehand so you know they really work with your devices.

5) Educate yourself.
Before going to your destination, learn everything you can about it and share what you learn with your kids so they can be just as excited about where you are going.

6) Have something to put garbage in-Watch my Youtube Video for more info.

7) Nix the screen time-Watch my Youtube Video for more info.

8) Bring Water bottles and extra water-Watch my Youtube Video for more info.

9) See the sights along the way.
Kids can get so restless on road trips.  Even if you are well prepared.  So, one way you can help your kids get their wiggles out is by seeing roadside attractions along the way.  Not only does this keep your kids intrigued with where you are going.  But it also gives them the chance to stretch, walk around a bit, and get some fresh air.

10) Pack your meals.
If you're going to be in your car for an extended period of time, a great way to save money is to pack your meals instead of stoping at restaurants to eat.

11) Bring a variety of snacks, and lots of them!-Watch my Youtube Video for more info.
12) Make sure each kid has a neck pillow and blanket-Watch my Youtube Video for more info.

13) Keep a first aid kit on hand. 
Just like boy scouts.  When out on the road, you should always be prepared for any type of circumstance you could find yourself in.  So make sure to cover all your bases and keep a first aid kit in your care because it's always better to be safe, than sorry.

14) Have each kid bring a backpack filled with personal essentials.
Allowing kids to bring some of their favorite toys from home is great way to keep kids preoccupied while your driving on the open road.  Just make sure that you don't let your kids bring toys that make a lot of noise because those can get annoying super quick, and also make sure that they don't bring any toys with small pieces because they will more than likely drop or loose some of them in the car.  And all you'll hear for the rest of the road trip is your kids crying about their lost toy.  So, instead, encourage your kids to bring things like books, larger stuffed animals or toys, and even a coloring book or some binoculars.  All of these are excellent personal items that will keep your kids entertained for more than just a few minutes and will keep you from worrying about any meltdowns.  

15) Create a family play list-Watch my Youtube Video for more info.

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