If you read THIS POST, then you know how busy of a month May is for my family.  But a good busy if you ask me because it mostly involves a bunch of parties!  

So for our most recent family vlog, you will see mine and Dave's 10 year wedding anniversary (It's on April 28th.  But only a couple days before Benson's birthday.  So we always consider it party of the May celebrations).  During the day, we took the kids to a local tulip festival to celebrate and even rented a golf cart to drive through the garden grounds.  It was the best!  And definitely something we will do again!  After the festival, Dave and I dropped the kids off at Grandma and Grandpa's, went shopping for just ourselves, and then ate dinner at the Cheesecake Factory.  We are such high rollers over here.  Ha ha!  But even though we didn't go on a trip like most other people do for their 10 year wedding anniversary, we still had a ton of fun! 

Then, on May 1st, we we celebrated Benson's first birthday with an "Party Animal" birthday party.  Since this year was Benson's golden birthday (he turned one on May 1) I made his party a bigger deal than I normally do for first birthdays.  Especially when it came to the desserts which we got from The Chocolate.  My favorite dessert cafe here in Utah!  They made us the best Neapolitan three layer cake birthday cake and desserts for this party that people filled up more on those than the pizza we bought.  And I don't blame them!  Ha ha!  I'll be sharing a lot more about benson's party THIS upcoming Tuesday.  So make sure to come back then!

Aside from Benson's birthday, we also went to a charity event called Gather for Goats where people could donate money to help Syrian refugees overseas purchase goats to help make a living for their families, celebrated my 31st birthday by playing hookie from school and going to This is the Place State Park, and also went to wedding that was put together in TWO DAYS, and was probably one of my favorite weddings ever!

Basically, the week was one big celebration and we all had so much fun!  At one point, all the kids said they wished there was a party to go to every day, and I'm right there with them!

Hope you enjoy this family vlog and that you all have a very HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!  Because you deserve it!  

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