While at the airplane museum, Emi especially loved looking at the uniforms.

Benson couldn't get enough of the airplane museum!  He loved being able to crawl right up to the airplanes!

Isaac is growing up so much!  He is such a big help and great big brother!

Zachary's current favorite place to put his swords.  Ha ha!

Zachary always looks like such a little man whenever he stands like this!

Baby cuzzies!

This week was insane!  Dave left last Sunday for a four day business trip to Colorado, which I normally wouldn't complain about.  But since he also happened to be gone over Spring Break, I was definitely nervous about how things would go.  So to keep us all preoccupied during Dave's absence, I planned an activity or outing for the kids and I to do each day and captured all the fun in this week's family vlog!

Sunday was General Conference for us.  So the littles and I made a fancy breakfast (see more of our fancy meals HERE, HERE, and HERE!).  Then we spent the rest of our day watching conference in tee pee tents and stuffed animal piles and of course, at lots more good food.  On Monday we met up with friends at the Provo Beach resort to play arcade games, eat ice cream and ride the merry-go-round.  This time I took benson on the merry-go-round and he had a hard time deciding if he liked it or not.  Ha ha!  I'm sure he will warm up to it!  Tuesday was spent with a trip up to the Hill Force Aerospace Museum.  Isaac was especially excited because he loves jet planes and missiles, and knew there would be a lot there!  It was so cute watching him run around and shout out, "Look mom!  Another missile!  This is so cool!"  Then on our way bag we decided on whim to stop the Utah State Capitol to see the cherry blossoms. 

Wednesday was extra busy for us.  We doubled up on activities, spending the early afternoon driving up to the Heber Valley Dairy farm for grilled cheese sandwiches and ice cream then making it back just in time to go to a lego building class at our local library with some friends.  By the time the class was over, the kids were having a super hard time with life in general (too much fun in one week I guess.  Ha ha!) so after coming home and eating dinner I put the kids to bed early.  Dave was home that day by midnight and the kids were so excited to see him when they woke up!  And after spending the morning with Dave, I took the kids to see the tulips at Thanksgiving Point Gardens and then over to a friend's house for a play date.  Somehow in between all of that, I managed to sneak away to our local nursery to fill up our kitchen green house window with fresh herbs, buy a hanging plant for mine and Dave's bedroom, deal with some pretty epic tantrums, tackling endless housework, and watch the entire first season of "Stranger Things".

Watch this week's Family Vlog!

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