What a week!  Last Monday, Dave started a second job because we are trying beef up our savings account.  We had to live off of it for a while last year when Dave was transitioning between careers.  And now that Dave is stable in his new job, we decided it would be best for him to take on a second part time job so we could more quickly get our savings account back to what it was before we had to live off of it.  I don't think that should take too long, but man!  Having Dave leave at 7:30 AM and be gone till almost 10 pm Monday through Friday has been ROUGH!  But in the long run, Dave and I know it will be worth it.

Aside from the adjustment of me practically being a single parent, we still had some pretty awesome highs during this week's family vlog. 

April 14-20 Family Vlog

Here's how the week went down...

Friday, April 14th:
Did my monthly news segment for KUTV 2 News This Morning on last minute candy-free Easter basket ideas.  You can watch that episode HERE!

Took the kids and some of their friends to our favorite local bakery for our weekly donut run.  I told the kids they could get whatever they wanted, and they took that very seriously.  Each carefully taking their time to choose the perfect treat.  Isaac got a maple bar; something he said he loved because I loved them too.   Emi got a glazed donut.  And instead of getting a Snickerdoodle like he does every week, Zachary settled for a coconut coated donut.

Went to Provo Towne Center Mall to watched Isaac and his musical theater class perform "A Friend Like Me" from the Aladdin Musical they will be performing in June.

Saturday, April 15th:
Started the day off with our neighborhood Easter Party and Easter Egg hunt.  The boys were so excited for the easter egg hunt that they ran to get eggs before the adults in charge could finish saying, "Ready, set, go!".  And all the kids loved decorating egg shaped sugar cookies! I even caved on the "no sugar until they're one" rule with Benson and let him have a plain sugar cookie.  Which he of course...loved!  Then, at some point during the cookie decorating, Zachary, ditched his cookie, grabbed a plastic knife and began to continuously dip it in to a tub of frosting and then lick it off.  Something I didn't even know was happening until a neighbor walked up to me and said, "Uh, is that your kid?!" Ha ha!

Met up with our friends James, Whitney, and their 1.5 year old son Aaro at the Provo Spring Festival.  It was a lot of fun, but my favorite part was watching Emi request for full unicorn face to be painted on hers at the face painting booth and Isaac and Zachary follow Aaro around and help keep him close by and safe.

Ended the day by going to our friends' house for a game night in celebration of a neighbor's birthday.  

Sunday, April 16th:
This year we FINALLY surprised the littles with their very own bikes!  They were so excited and couldn't wait to get out and ride them so they tried riding them in our tiny house! LOL!  We had a fancy breakfast with our traditional Easter Bunny shaped cinnamon rolls and all the fixings, went to church, then ended the day with Easter dinner and another Easter egg hunt at Grandma Tiersa and Grandpa Mark's.

Plus...we watched Benson pull him self up, let go, and stand on his own!  I bet this kid will be walking within a month!

Monday, April 17th:
Conquered the day like a boss!  Ha ha.  I try and spend the day at home on Mondays so I can cross off a lot of items from my "Mom Life Checklist" like laundry, mopping kitchen floor, watering plants, etc.

Tuesday, April 18th:
Quite the slow day.  Spent the morning coloring chalk monsters with Emi and Zachary while Benson napped.  Spent the afternoon helping Isaac and Emi with their homework, and then ended the day by taking all the kids and some friends to our neighborhood park.  Isaac of course, insisted on bringing his shoulder bag that currently holds 2 coloring books, a handful of colored pencils, and a magnetic monster kit that he's OBSESSED with.   

Wednesday, April 19th:
Took the younger three littles to story time at the Provo Library then made a quick run to Target.  Once Isaac was home from school the kids spent the afternoon running up and down our alley and stopping at all of their friends' houses along the way.

Thursday, April 20th:
Grandma Tiersa stopped by in the afternoon to watch Zachary and Benson while I caught up on some work.  Watched our friends' kids for our monthly kid swap. And binge watched season three of "Orange is the New Black".

Can't wait to see what will end up in next week's family vlog!

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