Can you believe Easter is in two days?!  This month has been absolutely bonkers for me.  Which means I am just barely got to thinking about what I'm going to put in my littles' Easter baskets this week.  

During previous Easter holidays, I would fill my littles' baskets to the brim with candy, saying to myself that it was a holiday so it was totally ok to give my littles unhealthy amounts of candy.  Plus, it is so much easier to go to the store and buy a bunch of Easter themed candy, then it is to look for candy free easter basket ideas.  But after dealing with one to many sugary induced melt downs, I decided that this year I would try and get more candy free Easter basket ideas.  But if I'm being totally honest though, it wouldn't quiet be Easter without mini Cadbury chocolate eggs, Peeps, and a chocolate bunny.  So those definitely made the cut.  But other than that everything else I got is candy free!  

After thinking about what I wanted to get each of my littles, I found some pretty amazing last minute candy free Easter basket ideas and shared them this morning in my monthly news segment that I do at KUTV 2 NEWS This Morning.  

But if you saw my segment, or didn't, and you're wanting the sources to where I got each item, here's the break down...

13 Candy Free Easter Basket Ideas

(note: Since I did this topic for my local news station, everything I got was from stores here in Utah.  Some of these stores are nationwide and others are only local.  So I'm also sharing items that are similar to what I found in case any of you Mumsies live in a different state.)

Boys' Basket

Play Doh-from Target
Umbrella-from Target
Mix and Match Mythical Beasts Magnetic Build-it set-from Harmony.  But you could also get HERE.
Dinosaur flingers-from Target dollar aisle

Girls' Basket

Calico Critters Bunny set-from Blicketnstaff's.  But you could also get at a local Toys R Us.
Rifle Paper Co. Edition of "Heidi"-from Amazon
Lipgloss key chain-from H&M
Umbrella-from Target

Adult/Neighbor Basket

Apron-from Kneaders
Durci Chocolate-from The Mighty Baker.  But you could also get HERE.
Gift Card
Bread-from Kneaders

Easter Egg Fillers

Tattoos-from Harmony.  But you could also get HERE.
Mini Erasers-from Harmony.  But you could also get HERE.
Mini Paint Set-from Blickenstaff's.  But you could also get HERE.

Also, my friend Kim and I hosted another Brunchettes charity event last month.  Again, we teamed up with Mountain Vista Catering for our delicious brunch food and this time we teamed up with with Jessica from The Bucket List Family to do a Q & A on traveling with kids.  It was a lot of fun and I can't wait for our next Brunchettes event in June!  But until then, check out all of our previous Brunchettes event by clicking on the 'Brunchettes' button in my sidebar, or by clicking right HERE!

Thanks again to all our amazing sponsors for this Brunchettes!

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