Spring is finally here!  And with it's arrival, so is a flock of spring fashion for us moms!  I'm really loving all the trends I see popping up on some of my favorite fashion bloggers website.  Especially when it comes to the purses that are currently available!  There are so many amazing companies out there, but one of my absolute favorites is Dagne Dover.  I had the opportunity to actually meet the owner a couple weeks ago and loved her story about how she started this amazing company that makes some of the best purses for moms out there!

So, to make a long story short, I will just say this...

Every Dagne Dover Purse is designed to meet every possible want/need a mom or woman needs when it comes to the purse she owns.  There are compartments to hold your favorite lipstick, a clip to attach your keys to, a water bottle holder, and so much more!  It really is one of the best purse brands out there!   

And, if you'd like a first hand look at one of the best purses for moms, then check out my video where I show you my personal favorite, the Dagne Dover bucket bag, and everything I carry in it when I'm out running errands with my three older kids who are too old for me to worry about carrying a diaper bag around; but not quiet old enough for me to leave everything behind when we leave the house.

Love you lots!

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