How to get healthy Skin by lifestyle blogger Michelle from Mumsy

How to get healthy Skin by lifestyle blogger Michelle from Mumsy

How to get healthy Skin by lifestyle blogger Michelle from Mumsy

Mom acne?  Do you have it?  Because I sure do.  And it's the worst!  For some reason, I just always had it in my brain that once I became an adult, I wouldn't have to worry about acne any more.  But having babies completely messes up your hormones.  And even though Benson is almost a year old (that in and of itself makes me want to die!) I am still dealing with out of whack hormones, and the acne that comes with it.  Talk about annoying, frustrating, and down right sad!  I think healthy skin is something we all strive for as women.  And when we don't have healthy skin, it can be so damaging to our self confidence. 

 I have had my turns with having long spells of healthy skin.  But I have also suffered from horrible acne.  So, I want any of you who are currently dealing with adult acne to know that you are not alone! At some point in her life, every mom out there has dealt with not having healthy skin.  And because of that, I believe that we have a huge group of people out there to relate to and who want support us through this frustrating part of being human.  

Which is why I'm so excited about today's guest post, because it focuses on easy and more holistic ways moms can improve their acne and have healthy skin.  Hope you enjoy!

P.S. I did my own little video on dealing with acne as mom.  So make sure to check that out at the bottom of this post along with my Friday Faves!

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How to get healthy Skin by lifestyle blogger Michelle from Mumsy

How to get healthy Skin by lifestyle blogger Michelle from Mumsy

How to get healthy Skin by lifestyle blogger Michelle from Mumsy

A Mother's Guide to Skincare
The day-to-day activities of motherhood often leave little room for self-care. Whether we are new mothers or seasoned parents, our lives generally revolve around caring for our children. As a result, our appearance is usually not on the top of our priority list. Luckily, the skin we live in can be easily cared for, even with the most fast-paced schedules. Discover the keys to reduce the wear and tear of daily life on your skin.

What should I put in my body?
While it’s no secret that drinking water improves our bodies and our skin, it isn’t the only thing to drink when it comes to skin care. Studies have shown that green tea has remarkable properties that improve our skin in several ways including anti-aging, improving sun damage, and keeping inflammation and redness at bay. Even if you don’t have the taste buds for green tea, you can incorporate it into your skin care routine by patting some freshly-brewed green tea into your skin as a toner.

Don’t have time for a little green tea treatment? Look no further than your own medicine cabinet for a little skin T-L-(vitamin) C. Vitamin C is not only the superhero of cold and flu season; it has the power to keep us looking youthful and vibrant, too. Vitamin C not only acts as an anti-oxidant to prevent the aging caused by the sun, pollution and even stress, but also works to correct existing damage, leaving our complexions more radiant than before.

What should I put on my body?
Dermatologists around the world agree: the most important thing you can do for your skin is wear sunscreen. Sunscreen is one of the most effective anti-aging products we could use in our daily lives. It has the power to prevent and reduce signs of aging such as wrinkles, sun spots, and scarring. For those of us who wonder if it’s too late to reap the benefits of wearing sunscreen regularly, science says not to worry. Studies have shown that wearing sunscreen even slows aging in older men and women.

Even after the sun sets, you can still take steps to reduce signs of aging and promote healthier, beautiful skin. At night, you can use a retinoid, another name for vitamin A, to promote cell turnover, improve skin elasticity, and promote collagen production. A benefit of the retinoid is that it works for you as you sleep, giving new meaning to the term “beauty rest.”

Lastly, the simplest step you can take towards healthier, more vibrant skin is the regular use of a moisturizer. Moisturizer is the key in allowing our skin to function properly. By regularly moisturizing your skin, it will be able to perform cell turnover much more efficiently. Studies have also shown that moisturizing is a preventative step against wrinkling. Just remember, when applying moisturizer, pat it -don’t rub- into your skin. This will prevent you from pulling and stretching your skin, while making sure your skin has equal moisture coverage.

What should I do with my body?
What we put in and onto our bodies certainly help us maintain beautiful skin, but what we do to our bodies is another key component to skin care. A common source of breakouts and skin issues is the in our lives. It stands to reason that one way to improve our skin is to decrease our stress levels. Scientists have recently discovered that taking up crafting is one way to do just that. Crafting often involves repetitive, rhythmic movements that calm our minds. These movements soothe us by reducing heart rate, bringing down our blood pressure, and reducing our risk of stress-related illness.

Crafting or expressing yourself through art can also raise self-esteem and leave us with feelings of accomplishment. Lucky for our skin, this boost in positive feelings can translate to healthier skin. Crafting releases serotonin and dopamine, the hormones in our brain responsible for feeling happy and rewarded. Studies have shown that when our brains release dopamine, our skin becomes more luminous and soft, giving it a more youthful appearance.

So, the next time you’re longing for a day at the spa, grab your needles, other sewing materials and sew your way to a more beautiful and healthy complexion.

With these tips, you can pamper your skin without sacrificing too much time . Whatever routine you choose, remember that consistency is key. Enjoy your journey to beautiful, healthy skin.

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