Boy am I glad it's Friday!  This week Emi, Zachary, Dave, and I all took turns having the flu.  And I even got a sinus infection on top of everything else!  Plus, we are finally at that stage of life where I have to move everything up to the highest shelf possible because Benson has just learned how to pull himself up and loves to pull off, toss, and chew on anything he can get his chubby hands on!  Emi also got bit on the nose by one of her classmates.  Yes, I said bit.  So, I definitely mean it when I say we are ready for the weekend over here!  

But, in moving on to today's blog definitely read right! I'm talking all about Botox today.  And I know, it may seem like I've been talking about about body enhancing treatments recently.  But, my last vaginal rejuvenation therapy and Botox treatment just happened to fall within the same month; and I figured I might as well get it all over and done with.  Ha ha!  

So before you start jumping to any conclusions, or just want to know how the heck Botox even works, watch this video I made of my own Botox experience!

Like everyone else who has ever gotten Botox done.  It is a very personal choice.  I would go straight to Hell if I said I've never once rolled my eyes at or slightly judged someone who got Botox done.  Because I am definitely guilty of that!  But once I turned 25, the deep wrinkles in my forehead were really starting to bother me.  And I knew they would just keep getting worse.  So, after giving it five long years of thought and research, I decided to get Botox and of course, turn it into a full out Botox party that consisted of some of my favorite girlfriends, pizza, and a huge chocolate basket from Shari's Berries!  Ha ha!

 And since getting Botox done, I've been amazed at how many of my friends have gotten it done or have come up and said, "So tell does Botox work?!"  Ten years ago, this definitely would have been a thing I think most of us would have only seen celebrities, models, etc. doing.  But not any more!  If you started asking around, I think you would be surprised by how many people you know who have gotten Botox done! 

 If Botox is something you have been wanting to get, then my biggest suggestion would be to do your research first.  Don't just take my word for it!

And to help get you pointed in the right direction, here are some really good links to check out!

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