I love coloring my hair.  I've been doing it since I was in high school and have tried about every hair color that is available.  Sometimes, it can be a lot of up keep, but I don't mind because coloring my hair is a great outlet for me.

So to all you mommas who also like to color your hair, this post is for you!

Dying your hair is so fun, but can be so hard on your hair follicles.  Often times causing them get very dry and fragile.  So whenever I color my hair, I always make sure to ask my stylist what are the newest and best shampoos and conditioners for colored hair that I should be using.  Along with what are the overall best hair products for colored hair that I should purchase.   Which can definitely get a little pricy.  But I would rather invest a little in good hair care products, then have to worry about my hair breaking off whenever I wash or style it because it is too dried out.  And with so many products out there, it can definitely be overwhelming when it comes to choosing the best hair products for colored hair.  So, for those of you currently on the hunt for the best shampoo for colored hair or anything else you may need, I made a video to share what I personally think are some of the best hair products for colored hair and how I use them.

And as always, if you have any products that you can't live without, I would love for you to share them!



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