5 Ways on How to Make a Home by lifestyle blogger Michelle from Mumsy

5 Ways on How to Make a Home by lifestyle blogger Michelle from Mumsy

5 Ways on How to Make a Home by lifestyle blogger Michelle from Mumsy

Since moving into our house last June, I have been focusing on how to make our house a home.  There are a lot of different ways you can learn how to make a home, but one of my favorite ways is by bringing in meaningful artwork that helps give your home that inviting, homey feel.  And one of my favorite places to purchase art from is Minted because their art work options are endless and they have amazing prices for their incredible products! 

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But if you're looking for more than one way to make a home, here are 5 other useful tips!

How to Make a Home

1) Make it a haven.

Do you have a place you like to go to get away from it all?  Wouldn't it be nice if your house were that place?!  One way you can achieve this is by eliminating anything that causes stress and incorporate things that bring peace and happiness.  Since having four kids, I've noticed that I yell a lot more than I used to.  And that has definitely had a negative impact on the feeling within our home.  So I've recently been working really hard at kicking that nasty habit and have noticed a HUGE difference!

2) Spend time there.
When there is a place that triggers a lot of happy memories for you, you want to spend as much time there as possible.  So make sure to spend quality time with your family in your house; creating happy memories that will make you and your kids want to be there together as much as you can.

3) Make it inviting.
You can definitely do this with decor.  But an even better way to make your home inviting, is by inviting people over.  Pretty easy, huh?!  And this doesn't mean you have to throw elaborate parties or dinners.  If that's your thing, then do it!  But if it's not, just choosing to invite someone over to chat, play a game, or eat some dessert is great.  Because the more laughter and good conversation you fill within your house, the more it will fill like a home.

4) Make it comfortable.
If people don't feel comfortable in your house, it will never feel like a home.  So create an environment that as soon as people walk through you front door, they want to linger for a bit.  You can definitely do with amazing furniture and decor items.  But another way you could do this is by greeting people with a smile and making them feel like they can be themselves whenever they are at your house.

5) Tidy up...when you can.
This is definitely a hard thing for me to do during this phase of my life.  So I'm not saying that your home needs to be completely clean 24/7.   But if your house is overly cluttered or constantly looking like a tornado tore through it, the level of comfort can quickly go down, making it hard for people to want to stay any longer than they have to.  And of course, your overall goal is to try and create a space that makes people want to feel welcomed.  So when you can, tidy up a bit.  Or better yet, make your kids do it.  I mean, that's part of the reason we had them in first place...right?  Ha ha! 

What are some ways you've learned how to make your house a home?  I'd love to hear!!

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