I've been a mom now for almost seven years!  Which is crazy to believe!  But during that time, I have changed a crap load of diapers.  Ha ha!  And because of that, I've learned a few tips and tricks along the way that have really helped me know which changing supplies will get the job done right and how to make the diaper changing process as easy as possible.

So, for today's post and Youtube video (have you subscribed yet?!) I am talking about everything new and even seasoned moms need to know when it comes to the best diaper changing supplies. 

And in case you were looking for something different, here are some other changing supplies that are my absolute favorites!


Provo, Utah is having it's 2nd Annual Women's Day Celebration TOMORROW!  It is a FREE day long event with tons of activities you can do.  Like...

Female Driven Lecture Series with Alison Faulkner of The Alison Show speaking!

Chocolate Tastings and a Factory tour at Taste.

Mommy and Me Time at Chrysalis Preschool.

Zumba Class with Kass Martin.

And to wrap everything up, a speak-easy themed dance party that's only $10 and all proceeds will go to United Way's #EverdayStrong program.

To get your Free tickets to the day events and your $10 tickets to the dance party, CLICK HERE!

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