Well, I finally had my last vaginal rejuvenation treatment at Form Med Spa this past week.  And let me tell vagina has been upgraded to platinum status.  Ha ha!  But seriously, my life has improved so much since getting vaginal rejuvenation therapy before and after.  I no longer pee my pants whenever I jump on the trampoline or sneeze too hard.  And mine and Dave's sex life is amazing!  

Since starting my own vaginal rejuvenation therapy, and sharing all of my personal vaginal rejuvenation therapy before and after experiences, I have gotten so many questions.  One of which was, "How do I even know if I need vaginal rejuvenation therapy?"

So, in my Youtube video today (have you subscribed to my channel yet?), I talk about the three main ways you know you need to get vaginal rejuvenation therapy.  And if you decided to do it, and live in Utah, Form Med Spa is offering any of you Mumsies who go in to them for you vaginal rejuvenation therapy 10% off by using the code MUMSY10! 


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