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Vaginal Rejuvenation therapy at Form Spa

Vaginal Rejuvenation therapy at Form Spa

I just finished up my second of three recommend Vaginal Rejuvenation Therapy treatments at Form Med Spa last week and let me tell you...I'm LOVING the results!  And so is Dave ;)  Ha ha!  When I posted my first video about vaginal rejuvenation in my Lipgloss Confessional Series, I got SO MANY QUESTIONS!  It was insane!  But I was super excited to help spread the word because these treatments have been changing my life in two HUGE ways!  First, is the elimination of the constant pregnancy induced bladder leakage (yeah, thanks littles!) I used to have whenever I would sneeze or jump on the trampoline.   I had completely forgotten what life was like before pre-bladder leakage.  And let me tell you, it's AMAZING!   

Then, there's my sex life (yes, I am definitely going to talk about it!).  I can't even begin to explain how much that has started to improve.  And if you want to know exactly why, then make sure to watch my Lipgloss Confessionals Video-Vaginal Rejuvenation Part 2 on my YOUTUBE CHANNEL (have you subscribed yet?!).  Or, you can just watch it below because I posted it here too!  But, before you do, let me say this...think about what your sex life was like before your vagina got saggy and stretched out from having kids, or just simply getting old.  Amazing, right?!  Some of you may think i'm kidding, but I'm not!  Vaginal rejuvenation therapy gave my sex life the boost it desperately needed.  And I didn't even need to have vaginal rejuvenation surgery (something completely different from vaginal rejuvenation therapy) to make that happen!  Instead of having a Dr. put me under and use a scalpel on my vagina, I've been going in for pain-free vaginal laser treatments instead!

If you still have your doubts, then make sure to watch my video!  I promise all of your questions will be answered and dare to even say that you will be wanting to book your own vaginal rejuvenation therapy treatments by the time you're done watching it!  I have seriously loved the vaginal rejuvenation before and afters I have been experiencing without even having to do vaginal rejuvenation surgery and know that if you choose to undergo your own vaginal rejuvenation therapy you too will be blown away by the new woman you become!

P.S. Watch and read about my first vaginal rejuvenation therapy before and afters HERE and HERE!

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