Traditional medicinals herbal teas

Traditional medicinals herbal teas

It's that time of year in my house where everyone gets sick, including myself, and it's the absolute worst because everything goes to pot when I am bogged down with head cold, flu, or any other sort of germ infested nastiness.  

So, as soon as I catch a hint of the sniffles with any of my littles, I instantly start doing everything that I can to prevent myself from getting terribly sick and herbal teas are definitely one of my go-to's.  Especially if they are some sort of traditional medicinals tea.  I just love the natural and non-invasive remedies they provide for my body so I can continue to be my very best self for my littles.  And my absolute favorite is Traditional Medicinals Echinacea Plus organic tea because it promotes a healthy immune function; giving my body that extra boost it needs to fight off invasive germs that I may get from any of my sick littles.

If you too are looking for a more natural way to keep yourself healthy this winter season then make sure to stop by your local Walmart because they have a huge variety of traditional medicinals teas and herbal teas that I know you will love!  But if you're looking for some herbal teas and traditional medicinals teas recommendations, here are my favorites by Traditional Medicinals...

Throat Coat- Supports throat health

EveryDay Detox- Support healthy liver function

Roasted Dandelion Root- helps your body's natural detoxification process by breaking down fats during digestion and carry away waste.

Breathe Easy- Promotes Respiratory Health

Here's to staying healthy and happy this winter!

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