Valentines decorations ideas

valentine's decorations ideas

valentine's decorations ideas

valentine's decorations ideas

valentine's decorations ideas

A while back Dave and I started this thing where we get donuts for breakfast on Saturdays.  It doesn't happen every Saturday, and sometimes we get donuts on Friday after school instead of on Saturday.  But at some point during the weekend, we usually have donuts.  

This past Saturday happened to be a day when we got donuts for breakfast.  The kids requested chocolate donuts with sprinkles and were of course on a huge sugar high after eating them.  Which made for a remaining Saturday morning filled with broom and mop fighting, Isaac throwing one of Benson's dirty diapers at Zachary's head, Emi escaping from the house to play outside, and a mom and dad who were too exhausted to keep up! 

But through all the craziness, I somehow managed to get all of our Valentine decor up.  How about you mumsies?  Do you have your Valentine decor up yet?  For the longest time, Valentine's Day wasn't quite a huge deal to me.  So I rarely took the time to decorate way in advance for this holiday like I do for Halloween or Christmas.  But, the littles have really started to show a huge interest in celebrating Valentine's Day.  Which means they make sure to let me know if our Valentine decor isn't put up after Emi's Birthday.  Ha ha!

Since I've only just begun to take this holiday more seriously a couple years ago, I don't have a ton of Valentine decor.  But, I've started to build a little collection that I absolutely love.  Filled with items that you can usually find year round at many larger retailer stores.  So, if you're looking for some Valentines decoration ideas here's a Youtube Video (have you subscribed to my channel yet?!) I made of the Valentine decor I am using this year.

5 Valentines Decorations You Will L.O.V.E

1) Tissue Paper Honeycombs-I got mine from a local party store, but I've also found them on HERE on Amazon!  I love using these as decor for any holiday because they come in tons of colors and add a fun whimsical feel to your holiday decor.

2) Books-I love having a few good books on my coffee table at all times for people to look at when they sit down.  But during Valentine's Day (and any other holiday for that matter) I take it up a notch and use my books as part of my Valentine decor and put out books with covers that are pink or red.

3) Garland-Garland is such a fun decor item!  You can hang it just about anywhere inside or outside your house to make it look and feel more festive.  And if you have any Christmas tree garland that is either red or white, why not reuse it for Valentine's Day too?  That's what I did with two of three garlands I have draped across my fireplace mantle.  Which allows me to recycle and get more use out of my holiday decor and also allows me to save money!  

4) Fresh Flowers-You don't have to go to a florist (unless you want to) to fill your home with beautiful fresh flowers.  One of my favorite things to do is stop by local Costco and pick out two of their $10 or less floral bouquets and then take them home to make into my own floral arrangements that I put in different areas of my house.

5) Wreaths-Whether you get some more expensive ones.  Or ones that are just $1 at your local Dollar Store.  Wreathes are a great Valentines decoration ideas because you can hang them almost anywhere in your house.

BONUS-Anything made by your littles!  This can add such a fun and special touch to your Valentines decor!

Hope you have so much fun decorating your home for Valentine's Day this year!

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