Mommy and Me date ideas

Strengthening mother daughter relationship

If you've been reading over here for a while, you know how important it is to me to form a strong mother daughter relationship with Emi and equally strong relationships with Isaac, Zachary, and Benson too.  And as I've said in the past, one way I love to maintain a strong mother daughter relationship with Emi is by taking her on Mommy and me dates.  Something I also do with my boys, but have found to become quite tricky now that I have four kids I need to give individual time to.  But, I still try to make this happen every month because I really cherish the moments I get to sneak away with each of my littles individually and get to better know who they are and the people they are becoming.  Plus, it somehow makes it a little easier for me to deal with those days when my littles are being the absolute worst.  Ha ha!

Recently, it was my turn to take Emi on a Mommy and Me date.  So for part of it we delivered invites to her upcoming birthday party, then stopped at Rockwells for two scoops of the best ice cream in all of Utah, and finally ended the date by going to Harmony to choose out some more ribbons for Emi's hair.  I could go into more detail about our outing, but thought it would be more fun to share the vlog I just uploaded to my Youtube channel.  Speaking of...have you subscribed yet?  I'm doing an amazing giveaway there next week, and you definitely won't want to miss it!

And, if you are looking for some fun Mommy and Me date ideas, below are three favorites that Emi and I love to do in the winter!

3 Fantastic Mommy and Me Date Ideas

1) Visit a local antique or thrift store and each choose out a special treasure to take home.

2) Spend some time at a local art gallery or museum.

3) Do a fun winter related activity like ice skating or sledding.

Hope you have so much fun taking your littles on your own Mommy and Me dates and forming special memories that will last a life time!

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