finding joy in Motherhood

Crepes Party Ltd: crepes at the charity event

Burnchettes: charity event

If you follow me on Instagram, then you saw the post my friend Kim Christenson (Talk Wordy to Me) and I did about our new non-profit charity event for women called the Brunchettes.  If you missed those posts, then I'm glad you're here today!  For the longest time, my friend Kim and I have loved going out to brunch and helping other women.  So...we decided to combine these two loves and Brunchettes.  A bi-monthly event where women can gather, eat amazing brunch food, help others in need, and listen to incredible and inspiring speakers talk on various aspects of motherhood and being a woman in today's world.

Our first event was on December 10th.  We ate delicious food from Crepes Party Ltd. and were privileged to listen to motherhood advocate Allyson Reynolds thoughtful insights on how to continually find joy in motherhood.

The afternoon was simply a joy to be a part of.  But know this amazing experience would never have even been possible without the help of countless unseen women who grasped the vision Kim and I had, and wanted to all that they could to help us achieve it!  So I wanted to give a quick shout and HUGE 'THANK YOU' to everyone who contributed...

Photography: Roxana B. Photography

Videography: KC Film and Photo

Swag Bags:
Beanies-Rad Swim
Hand lettered Quote- Calligraphy Org


Seriously, I am still blown away by all the charity and service that was given to this event by so many amazing women!  It just really goes to show that when it comes to being moms and women we truly are all in this together!

If you live in Utah and are wanting to go to the next Brunchettes charity event; it will be on FEBRUARY 4th from 11-1.  Tickets for the February Brunchettes event will live on my Instagram feed this wednesday.  So make sure to mark your calendars!   The December Brunchettes event sold out within the FIRST HALF HOUR!  Something I'm still trying to wrap my brain around!  Ha ha! 

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