Happy 5th Birthday Emi!

It's still hard to believe this little girl of mine is 5 when I so clearly remember the day she was born.  These past 5 years have been the absolute best with my Emi girl.  She is quite the spit fire and always keeps me on my toes, but I wouldn't have it any other way!

So to celebrate Emi, we will spend the day doing many of our favorite birthday traditions like creating a birthday throne for Emi to sit in at every meal, making chocolate chip pancakes with a huge topping of whipped cream and sprinkles for breakfast, doing a fun birthday activity of Emi's choice, opening presents (of course), and having family over for her 5th birthday cake and ice cream.  

In fact, here is what we did for her birthday this morning!

This year Emi requested a chocolate 5th birthday cake with chocolate frosting.  But Isaac is convinced that is too simple and is trying to talk Emi into also having flamingos put on her cake since she will be having a flamingo themed birthday party this year.  But I'm keeping my fingers crossed that Emi will not be swayed to make this alteration to her cake because I will be making it from scratch and frosting a cake with a single layer of frosting is about as extensive as my cake decorating skills get. Ha ha!

Being Emi's mom has been quite the privilege!  And I have just loved seeing her come in to her own during these five short years of her life.  So, in celebration of her turning five, here are five amazing things about Emi...

1) She is the best little helper and is especially great at helping take care of Benson.

2) She loves to sing and can memorize almost an entire song after listening to it just once of twice.

3) She can out eat her brothers most days.

4) She loves making and being friends with everyone she meets.

5) She always knows what she wants and somehow always finds a way to get it. Even if I tell her no.  Ha ha!

Now if only I can figure out a way to keep Emi from getting older.  Ha ha!  

Happy 5th Birthday Emi!  I love you so much and am so glad you are in our family!  Love, Mom

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