Mom's night out

girl's night out

Though I love being a mom, it is definitely not the most glamorous and thrilling the majority of the time.  Most of my days are spent with me in my pjs till noon, a sink that's eternally filled with dishes, whining littles, endless load of laundry, poopy diaper, and hungry little mouths that seem to have the phrase "FEED ME!" on repeat.

I don't know if any other moms are like this.  But there are definitely days when I catch myself day dreaming of being some place different than 'here'.  Which I know is crazy because I love being a mom and fully accepted this phase of life when I initially entered it.  However, I have realized that if I don't step out of the house and reconnect with other moms and/or any kind of human being that is anything but a kid, I turn in to what my littles so endearingly call "Scary Mommy".  And that isn't fun for anyone involved.

So at least once every other week I set some time aside to either get out and do something by myself or with some girl friends.  And two weeks ago, my Mom's night out consisted of a self-improvement event my friend Crystal hosted for a group of our mutual friends in the blogging world.  The event was super fun and just what I need to reboot.   And sticking with my new goal of capturing more of mine and my family's life on film, I created this fun little video of the event so you could see what really goes on during a Mom's Night Out.  You're welcome!  Ha ha!

Also, if you are looking for a few fun mom's night out or even girl's night out ideas, here are some ideas that my girl friends and I love doing.

Girl's Night Out Ideas

1) Treat your self to a mani/pedi.

2) Try a new restaurant.

3) See a play.

4) Go antique shopping.

5) Go bowling.

6) Visit a local ice skating rink.

7) Have a girl's night in - this basically consists of you and your friends meeting up at someone's house, bringing snacks to share, and just hanging out.

8) Check out a local art exhibit.

9) Go on a hike.

10) Put together a clothing exchange - Everyone brings clothing items and accessories they no longer want/need and then all those items are laid out for others to claim.

11) Do some sort of fun project together.  Or, you could just have a bring your own craft night where everyone brings a craft/project they are working on and then works on it while you all hang out.

12) Watch a t.v. series together.  I have two friends that I love to get together with to watch The Bachelor.  We will pre-record it and then watch it later that evening at someone's house once the kids are all in bed.

13) Do yoga or some sort of exercise class together.

14) Get a massage.

15) Go on an overnight trip.

16) Do something together or go somewhere together that you know your husband or significant other would rather opt out of.

17) Go to a concert.

Really, when it comes to mom's night out ideas or girl's night out ideas your options are endless!  These are just some of my favorites.  Just make sure you remember to take time out for yourself and reconnect with others.


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