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Since moving in to our new home, it has been so much fun decorating each room, nook, and cranny.  Especially when it comes to my littles' rooms.  It's been so much fun asking them what they want their space to look like and having them help me pick out items that will make their space special to them.

Knowing that whatever I went with, needed to stand the test of time and be able to grow with my boys so I wasn't having to completely change up their room decor every years, I started from there and began pinning countless boys room decorating ideas to my Home Decor Pinterest Board.  Then I looked at other boys room decorating ideas on social media and the internet and also asked Isaac and Zachary what kind of boys room decor they liked.  I mean, it is their room after all, so I figured they should have a say in what I do.  Ha ha!  And by then, I had narrowed it down to going with western/high desert theme; looking for any boys room decor items that would go with what me and the boys wanted to do. 

Which ended up to be a little more tricky than I thought, because a lot of the western themed boys room decor I kept coming across was too in your face for me.  Like I said, I wanted to go with boys room decorating ideas that could grow with my boys.  And a lot of what I was seeing was too 'juvenile'.  Luckily, western themed decor has made an awesome modern comeback in the adult decorating world.  So I started to look for items in that realm, that had a more youthful feel, and came up with some amazing decorating ideas my boys ended up loving; which I of course, had to share!

5 Affordable Boys Room Decorating Ideas Your Kids Will Love

Boys Room Decorating Ideas

1) Target and Amazon are your friends.  Since a lot of us don't have buckets full of money set aside for home decor items.  Looking at places like Target or Amazon are a great place to get started because they offer a lot of amazing boys room decor items that are extremely budget friendly. 

Boys Room Decorating Ideas

2) Shop the sales + Visit thrift stores!  If  you can time things correctly and shop when they are having sales, you can get an even bigger bang for your buck!  Right after a new school year started, I went to Target, to look at their college dorm room section and got two quilts for $10 each, two throw pillows for $8 each, and two pillow shams for $10 each.  I seriously felt like I was stealing from the store when I left with all this incredible bedding for just a third of what I normally would have paid.  Then you have your local thrift stores that are filled with amazing items for amazing prices.  I took the boys to our local antique mall and we found some awesome one of kind pieces to go with western/high desert themed room.

boys room decor

3) Stick to a neutral pallet.  When it comes to the bigger items in your boys' rooms (i.e. bedding/large pieces of furniture) stick to a more neutral pallet.  That way you have a good blank slate that will allow you to incorporate colorful throws, pillows with bold patterns, and smaller eye catching decorative pieces.  For Isaac and Zachary's room, I opted for black and white bedding and light colored furniture pieces.  Then I added fun pops of blue and army green into the mix.

4) Opt for a fun wall hanging.  I have way more of these then I should admit to having in my home.  But I just love how diverse and varied each one can be.  Especially when you get them custom made.  Which isn't as expensive as you would think!  For the boys' room, I got a HUGE custom wall hanging from MODERN YARN that paired really well with the boys' bedding and their other room decor, and we both love it!  SO, if this is a boys room decor item you would love to get, then make sure to get yours at MODERN YARN and use code MUMSY 15 for 15% off!

boys room decor

5) Garlands are boy friendly too!  For the longest time, I thought things like felt ball or pom pom ball garlands should only be used for girls rooms.   But recently, I have been seeing some very boy friendly garlands out there.  So I got a few (from, you guessed it...the Target dollar aisle) that went with the colors in my boys' room and tied them on the front of their bunk beds to add some texture and more youthful look to their room.

And that's it!  Figuring out how to decorate a shared boys room was definitely a scary thought for me at first.  But when I started incorporating these ideas into what I wanted to do.  It made the process so much fun!  What are some boys room decorating ideas you are really loving right now?  I'd love to know! 

P.S. here's a few other boys room decor items I'm loving right now.