Christmas activities recap: spending time as a family

Christmas activities recap: family brunch

Christmas was so much fun this year!  How were your Christmas family activities?  Since both mine and Dave's families live here in Utah, we do a holiday rotation where we see one family for Thanksgiving, and the other for Christmas.  This year we spent Thanksgiving with my family.  So that meant we would be spending a good majority or our Christmas family activities with Dave's family.  Which the littles were really excited about because they would get to spend two whole days with their cousins!

We spent all of Christmas Eve at Dave's parents' house.  Opening presents, eating good food, and enjoying each others' company till the late hours of the night.  Then, we loaded up in the car and headed home to our little bungalow to do our own special Christmas morning traditions together as a tiny family.  Dave and I stayed up till almost 3 a.m. wrapping presents because we had put off wrapping anything until Christmas Eve.  Something I totally regretted once we realized how many we had to wrap.  Ha ha!  But luckily, the kids slept in until just after 8 a.m.  So Dave and I weren't complete zombies when the kids were opening their presents.  Which they loved by the way.  Isaac got a lot of Jurassic Park Dinosaur sets, Emi got Doc McStuffins vet cart and dress-ups, Zachary got Power Rangers everything (his favorite is Tommy the Green Ranger.  Which was mine too when I was a little girl.  I had such a crush on him!), and we kept things minimal with Benson; giving him some wooden blocks and a rocking horse because we knew he would be most interested in the bows and discarded wrapping paper. 

Until 2 P.M. we ate our traditional Christmas brunch which consisted of French Toast casserole, bacon and fruit, and lounged around the house in our Christmas pajamas playing with toys and watching movies.  At one point during brunch, Isaac spilled Zachary's mug of hot chocolate on accident.  But, it got everywhere and Dave got upset about it because he said he knew it was going to happen, but didn't do anything to stop it because he was too busy getting the video I had asked him to capture of the kids and I eating so I could include it in our family Christmas movie.  So of course, I instantly got upset and we quickly got into a heated argument.  Which made me feel awful because we had fought in front of the kids; and that's something we really try hard not to do.   And even though the fight was nothing huge.  It was a fight.  And it just doesn't seem right to fight on Christmas.  So, Dave and I quickly made amends.  But, never really solved the problem and I don't know if we ever will.  At least for now.  Which can be quite a despairing thought at times.  Because I hate worrying about money, and I especially hate fighting about it.   And ironically,  it seems to be the one thing Dave and I fight about the most.  But when you are constantly getting bills and worried about your kids missing out on opportunities like piano lesson, basket ball practice, ballet, or whatever; how can you avoid not having money be your main worry in life?

Don't worry about Dave and I.  We will be fine.  And I am so grateful that we can provide our family with the basic needs of life.  Things that I know a lot of other parents can't provide, but desperately long to.  So I am doing my best to count the many blessings we have.  Because we really do have so much in the big scheme of things.  And when it comes down to it, the only things we take with us when we die are the people we became, our memories, the good deeds we did, and the bonds we have with others.  So I'm going to put all my stock in that and work harder at becoming filthy rich in the intangible things life has to offer because those are what matter most.

Hope you all had the merriest Christmas! 

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