one year old birthday party

one year old birthday party ideas

one year old birthday party idea

If you've been following along here on Mumsy for the last year or more, then you know I LOVE to throw parties.  Especially birthday parties.  And if I could do everything all at once, I would create a party planning industry and conquer the world one fabulous birthday party at a time.  Right now though, my life is in the season of motherhood, which I love.  But that means running a full time party planning industry isn't in the cards for me.  Though it doesn't mean I can't throw the occasional one for friends and other loved ones outside of my own littles' birthday parties.  So when my friend Jaylynn of The Red Closet Diary (make sure to visit her site for more fun pics and details!) asked me to help her plan her daughter's one  year old birthday party with a Winter Onederland theme, I jumped at the chance!  And had so much fun putting every little element of this darling one year old birthday party together!

Like I said before, I may not currently be in a phase of life where I can plan birthday parties all day every day.  But I've decided it was time to take a step in that direction.  So...if you live in Utah and want to throw an incredible one year old birthday party, or any party for that matter, but need a little or even a lot of help; then I'm your girl!  Simply click on the CONTACT tab at the top of my website and leave me a message about what you are looking for and I'll get back to you ASAP.

Now to start planning Emi's 5th birthday that is in just over two weeks!

Pictures by: The High Pines 

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