unique gift ideas for little girls

When I can, I love to shop small.  Especially when it involves shops that are owned by moms.  Plus, small shops always seem to have way cuter toys, accessories, and clothing items.  So with Christmas just around the corner, I will definitely be buying a few stocking stuffers  and accessories to wear to a few upcoming holiday parties from Harmony.  My favorite local small shop that is literally just a few blocks from my house.  

christmas gifts for little girls

best gift for little girls

As Emi has gotten older, she has really started voicing what she does/doesn't like or want.  It's been both fun and challenging.  Like when I want her to wear one thing to school, but she would much rather wear her stained Minnie Mouse shirt and a pair of leggings she has clearly outgrown with her purple socks, hair uncombed and absolutely no socks.  On those kind of days I definitely apologize to her teacher and let her know that if I had it my way, Emi would look like she actually had a mother who took care of her.  Ha ha!  However there are days when I tell Emi to go get dressed and she comes wearing her nicest dress and even has a bow in her hair.  So I guess it just depends on the day!

But when it comes to buying Christmas gifts, or any gift for that matter, I know that whole process will always be a breeze because Emi knows exactly what she wants.  Which as of right now is products that are all unplugged.  Something that makes my mama heart very happy!

So, if you're still buying Christmas gifts like I am; and are looking for a great list of unplugged and/or small shop gifts, here is my unplugged and small shop themed Holiday Gift Guide for Little Girls.  That was of course...Emi approved!

Pictures by: Roxana B. Photography (with a few holiday embellishments by me)

Emi's Dresses: Sweet Hannah B. Designs and Little Tree Togs | Emi's Bows: Red Rover Kids

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