Donut party

Christmas PJ party

Christmas PJ party

For the last few years, my littles have been begging to have a pj christmas party.  So I finally decided that this was the year to actually do it!  In the past, I would have gone all out with color coordinating activities, a craft, making home made donuts, and even provide festive doggie bags for people to take home leftover donuts in.  But now that I'm four kids in to this mom business and also working from home, I was smart enough to realize that if I actually went down that road I would have a legit nervous break down and completely give up on having our pj Christmas party before it even began.  Ha!   And knowing the fire and brimstone my kids would rain down upon me if I actually did that, I thought it was wiser to keep it simple so everyone involved could be happy with the outcome.

Like I said before, this party was supposed to be a Christmas Pajamas only party.  But since I had chosen the simplified route, I told our friends this was going to be far from a Pinterest worthy Christmas Pajamas party and could wear whatever they wanted.  Which they must have really taken that to heart because not a single person even ended up coming in pajamas!  Ha ha!  The kids definitely thought it was silly that we were the only ones in our pajamas.  But I was totally fine with how that turned out, because the whole reason we had this party in the first place was have have fun and spend time with some of our favorite people.  Something I think could easily be achieved whether people were wearing their pajamas or not! 

As for the rest of the party, I asked each person to bring a half dozen of their favorite donuts to go along with the milk and fruit I was providing.  The littles had so much fun seeing what kinds of donuts everyone brought and then quickly devoured them over a red and white checkered table cloth I have for years and some leftover gold paper plates and red napkins I had been keeping for a rainy day.  See, I really did mean it when I meant this was going to be low key!  The only festive elements I incorporated into this party were red and white glass bowls and platter for the food and red sprinkle milk bottle rims for the milk.  And though there were a few times when I would think about how much better this Christmas pajamas party could have been if I had done this or that,  It was so nice to leave the extravagant Christmas theme parties to someone else and just sit back and actually enjoy our own version of a pj Christmas party.  

Whether you're going all out for your Christmas theme parties are choosing to keep it simple, I hope you have the most wonderful and insanity free time!

P.S.  Thanks again Sarah and Krystyna for coming!

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  1. So true. Kids don't need Pinterest-worthy parties to have fun and make memories. Merry Christmas to you and yours. This party is so precious!