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Christmas activities

Just like I thought, December flew by in a flurry of school, countless holiday errands, parties, and so many fun Christmas traditions.  This year, Zachary really caught on to the whole idea of Christmas and has spent the entire month singing endless Christmas songs and pointing out anything that reminds him of Santa.  Isaac is at the age where he's starting to notice subtle things about the whole "Santa" side of Christmas.  But luckily nothing that has made him wonder if the jolly man in red is real.  That, he still fervently believes; but, has definitely noticed that all of the few Santas we have seen this year look completely different from one another and has said out loud each time we visit that the Santa we are seeing is not the REAL Santa.  So, I simply explained to him that though Santa would love to be everywhere at once, he can't.  So he has special helpers that look like him meet with all the boys and girls around the world and then report back to him, the real Santa, what all the children said they wanted for Christmas.  And luckily, he was completely satisfied with that explanation.  A true Christmas miracle for me.  Ha!  Then there's Emi.  Like her brothers, she is super excited for Christmas, is obsessed with the Mindy Gledhill version of "Santa Clause is Coming to Town", requests Christmas songs for her bedtime songs, and wants to help me with every little Christmas related task.

Throughout the entire month, I have been sharing all the fun things we have been doing this Christmas season.  But I thought it would be extra special to share everything we did, in a little video.  So, I hope you enjoy it and have the most wonderful Christmas weekend!

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