Christmas cookie decorations

One thing that my littles and I love to do during the Christmas season, is host a Christmas cookie decorating party and come up with fun Christmas cookie decorating ideas to incorporate into it.  Sometimes these two things have been a big ordeal and other times they have been more low key because I simply had too much going on and didn't want to risk going completely insane.  Ha ha!  But no matter what kind of Christmas cookie decorating party we did, we always had a lot of fun doing it and the kids always end up saying how this year's Christmas cookie decorating party was the best!  Don't you just love how easily pleased kids are?!

cookie decorating ideas

Christmas cookies decorations

Had to sneak this one in there ;)

With so much going on the last couple months (family events, family illness, the death of a close friend, blogging projects, extracurricular activities, and just life in general.), I knew I should keep  this year's Christmas cookie decorating ideas more on the simple.  So, rather than inviting over 5-6 friends, we opted to invite over one particular family we have grown really close to since moving into our new house.  And instead of making my Christmas cookie decorations and supplies from scratch, I opted for store bought everything when it came to the cookie decorations.  Which I usually hate, because the cookie decorations just don't taste as good and usually have a bunch of additives in it.  But, that all changed when I recently heard about the Immaculate Baking Company products and their mission to make wholesome baking products that include a majority of them gluten free or organic.

I am definitely not a die hard gluten free baker.  But I will occasionally purchase gluten free products for my family.  And I always feel like store bought, gluten free cookie dough is a good thing to buy!  So, I ran to my local Whole Foods market to purchase some Immaculate Baking chocolate chunk cookie dough, and a few Christmas cookie decorations white frosting,  red and green sprinkles and a few other things for our Christmas cookie decorating party.  Which I could continue to write about, but thought it would be more fun to show you how it all turned out in this video.

Hope you enjoy!

P.S. if you feel like you have a good amount of free time on your side and want to try your hand at some amazing holiday recipes; then you're in luck!  Immaculate baking has a ton of them and you can check them out HERE.  AND if you purchase any Immaculate Baking products, you can save $1 on every item this entire month!

 I have been compensated by Immaculate Baking for this post; however, I am sharing my own thoughts. All opinions are my own

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