I am pleased to say that all of my littles' Christmas presents have arrived (see HERE if you're wondering what I'm talking about).  But I still have a few Christmas preparations like making gingerbread cookies for Santa, making new stockings for my littles - a few of our Christmas boxes got stollen out of our shed this summer and of course, one of those boxes had all of stockings I had hand made for each of my littles, delivering a few last minute neighbor presents, and getting Dave's Christmas present.  That bum still hasn't told me what he wants and I told him that if he didn't know by tomorrow, he would either be getting a lump of coal or an Amazon gift card.  Ha ha!

As much as I day dream about getting to run my errands and accomplish my daily to-dos without the littles in tow, I always think it is important to get them helping out at a young age so that it just seems like a natural thing to do when they are older.  Plus, I think a lot of these holiday check list items could become fun new traditions for me to start with my littles.  Which I am all for.

Do any of you still have a few things left to do?  One of my many Christmas preparations was getting a poinsettia for the house.  And I crossed that off my list last week.  I had originally planned on doing this myself but ended up taking Zachary and Benson with me; and it ended up being so much fun!  We went to this quaint and absolutely darling greenhouse called Olson's Garden House in Payson, Utah where they had one whole greenhouse specifically set up for every kind of poinsettia you could ever imagine!  Zachary loved looking at all of the different species, picking out the perfect one for our house, and running/twirling through the countless rows of these beautiful plants.   And of course, Benson was just happy to be there.  Ha ha!  We had such a great time, that I have officially decided to make this one of our new Christmas traditions and can't wait to take Isaac and Emi along with us next year!

If you're looking for a few ways to better involve your children with your christmas preparations, here are few easy and fun ways to do that.

* Baking cookies for Santa.

* Wrapping Christmas presents.

*Delivering neighbor gifts.

* Christmas service opportunities (i.e. buying presents for a family in need).

* Helping plan family Christmas outings/activities.

* Mailing Christmas cards.

* Doing a family gift exchange.

Hope these last four days before Christmas are simply the best!

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