I have been the absolute worst this Christmas season.  I'm behind on absolutely everything including getting gifts for family and friends.  Not to mention the neighbors I wasn't expecting to give us gifts.  Which I am extremely grateful for by the way!  But I am definitely not lying when I say that I am up to my eyeballs in Christmas to-dos, giving me barely any time at all to put some thought and/or effort into neighbor gifts.  Sounds familiar to anyone else?  Or is it just me.  Which it probably is because I feel like everyone else is so on top of things this year!  

Luckily, I have a few tricks up my sleeve and have come up with some pretty awesome last minute gifts ideas for all of those last minute Christmas gifts I wasn't planning on receiving.  Which I had originally planned on sharing images of, here on this blog.  But, I'm really trying to get do to more with my YouTube channel.  So below is a video I made with Benson in tow to actually show you my 5 favorite last minute gift ideas for any last minute Christmas gifts that will be coming you way.

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Hope you enjoy!

5 Amazing Last Minute Gift Ideas for Neighbors that are $5 or Less

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