Once we became parents, Dave and I found it extremely hard to maintain our weekly Friday night date.  Though we still do our best to try and make time for just the two of us, we are now squeezing that time in whenever we can get it.  Which means a lot of impromptu dates and coming up with a good list last minute date ideas and daytime date ideas.  At first, thinking of going on a daytime date was so weird to me because I really loved going out at night.  But, as we started to broaden our dating horizons, coming up with daytime date ideas was easier than I thought and all the daytime dates we go on are so much fun!  

My personal favorite daytime date is brunch.  And this past week, Dave and I were able to snag a last minute sitter for the three oldest littles for early Saturday afternoon and go to one of our favorite brunch joints, with sweet baby Benson in tow, here in Provo.  When we got there, we were lucky enough to sit at the counter that overlooked the kitchen.  The three of us had so much fun watching the chefs make all of the amazing brunch dishes and even got to learn a few tips and trick from them that we will definitely be trying at home!

Everything on the menu looked absolutely amazing!  We seriously wanted to order one of everything, ha ha, but settled on the croque madam for me, deep fried french toast for Dave and two fresh lime drinks for both of us.

I was a little worried about how Benson would be with us sitting at the counter, but he loved it just as much as we did and would frantically flap his arms and kick his feet whenever a big flame would rise up from the range or the chef would flip a pancake into the air.  And there were even a couple of times when he would try and grab at our plates. Ha ha!  It was really cute and Dave and I both agreed that  he is the most perfect third wheel for our last minute date ideas! 

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