I jumped on the bandwagon this year and decided to host our first ever friendsgiving and give it a fun twist.  After going over a few friendsgiving ideas, i decided that instead of having traditional Thanksgiving food, our friendsgiving menu would consist of various pies brought by our guests and rustic appetizers made by me and Dave.  

Despite prepping as much as I could in advance, things were absolutely hectic the day of our friendsgiving.  The littles were being absolute beasts, my house was a disaster because of it, and I had gone way over my quota of daily swear words.  Luckily my saint of a friend Krystyna, and one of our friendsgiving guests, offered to take the three oldest littles so I could focus on getting the house cleaned and food items prepped for our friendsgiving menu.  With Isaac, Emi, and Zachary pre-occupied elsewhere, I was able to get things in order and back on track.  So when Dave came home from work, making the appetizers, organizing our Italian soda bar, and setting the table were all that was really left to do.  By the time our guests arrived at 7:00 PM, we were ready to go and we had so much fun the rest of the evening!  

Since my littles love parties, I decided to have our friendsgiving be kid-friendly.  Our house was full to the brim with tiny humans but my littles were in heaven; and despite the messes and chaos that come with having a lot of kids in your house, it was so much fun to see all our kids interacting so well with each other while us adults sat huddled together in our tiny living room enjoying good food and good conversation.

Dave is definitely a good sport when it comes to the parties I want to host.  But this was the first time he said he loved the friendsgiving ideas we came up with and would love to repeat them every year!  So you can bet I'm already planning out what we will do next year!  Ha ha!

Do you celebrate friendsgiving?  If not, I highly recommend considering it.  There are so many friendsgiving ideas out there, that you really can't go wrong with whatever you decide to do; and I can guarantee you will have so much fun!

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