best baby monitor

When I had Isaac, I remember stressing a lot about what kind of baby monitor to get for him once he moved into his nursery.  With so many options available, buying a baby monitor can be quite tricky.  Especially if you are a first time parent.  Something I remember all too well when I went through this same experience almost 6 years ago.  But, after having four kids and going through a few baby monitors I've learned a lot when it comes to choosing the best baby monitor; and have come to the conclusion that the best baby monitor on the market is the Owlet.  Have you heard about it?  If not, then I'm glad you stopped by today!  Aside from syncing with your smart phone through an app and letting you know when your baby is awake, the Owlet uses the same technology hospitals use to monitor a baby's heart rate and oxygen levels through a wireless 'smart sock' that fits snuggly around the baby's foot.  Then, if the baby's heart rate or oxygen levels drop while they're asleep, the owlet base and phone app will instantly notify parents to let them know something is wrong.  Talk about having a solid piece of mind!

best baby monitor

baby monitor

When I first learned that a baby was susceptible to dying from SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) up until their 1st birthday, I was shocked.  And wish the Owlet monitor would have been around when Isaac, Emi and Zachary were babies.  This monitor definitely would have prevented a lot of nights I spent getting up almost every hour to make sure my babies were still breathing.  Yeah, I know it sounds a little bit paranoid.  But I knew I would have been completely devastated if one of my babies fell victim to SIDS!  So there you have it.  Just save yourself the hustle and buy the Owlet baby monitor.  I really don't think you will find anything better out there.  Ha ha!  But, if you like to shop around a bit, then here are few tips you should follow.

How to Choose the Best Baby Monitor for You and Your Baby

1) Read the Reviews.
 If you are purchasing a baby monitor online, make sure to read the reviews.  This will give you better insight on the product from real people who have actually tested it out, and will give you a better idea whether you should purchase it or not.

2) Consider a visual monitor.  
By choosing to purchase a monitor with this feature, you will be able to check in on your baby but not have to constantly get out of bed and disrupt the few and precious hours of sleep you are getting during this phase of life.

3) Ask your friends.
Know anyone who has more than one kid?  Ask them what kind of baby monitor they use.  Chances are, they have been through a few baby monitors and know exactly what works best.

4) Be aware of the security factor.
Baby monitors come in two types.  Analog and digital.  Analog monitors are definitely less expensive.  But anyone within range can listen in to the signal they emit.  A digital monitor, however, encrypts the audio transmission making it impossible for other people to eavesdrop.  

5) Know the perks.
Almost every baby monitor out there comes with its own set of perks.  Some monitors have low battery indicators while others come with an extra monitor.  This can make the choosing process a little more difficult.  So I say go with the monitor that makes your life easier.

Can I just say how grateful I am for baby monitors?  I seriously don't even know what I would do without mine!  Hope you all find one that you can't live without too!

On a side note...
Isaac started Jr. Jazz today.  Emi and Zachary were insistent that we go as a family to watch his practice and game so we could cheer him on together.  During practice, Isaac kept looking over at me for reassurance that what he was doing was right.  I just love that he would rather get basketball advice from me than his coach.  Especially because I hardly know anything about basketball.  haha!  His coach was a good sport about it though and I can't wait to see how Isaac grows and develops in this sport!

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