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Halloween this year was simply the best!  It was a little hectic because Dave and I had just gotten back from a trip to Northern California (more to come on that later!) late the night before.  So, I ran a few errands yesterday morning to get a few things done that I wasn't able to do before we left.  Luckily, I got everything done, and got back just before our friends Matt and Ali joined us for the night's festivities.  By 4:00 PM Dave, Matt and the kids were outside carving pumpkins while I was preparing for our traditional Hallow's Eve dinner.  Which alternates between chili in pumpkin bread bowls or pasta with pumpkin Alfredo sauce.

family halloween traditions

This year, I decided to make pasta with pumpkin Alfredo sauce.  But spiffed it up a bit by using some black cat shaped pasta that Dave and I got from the cutest little mercantile on our trip; and then also got some witch finger breadsticks to go with it.  Once I had dinner going, I set the table and pulled out our "spooky glasses and dishes" as the littles like to call them.  And then Ali and I finished up dinner while the guys cleaned up the pumpkin carving mess.  

Dinner was delicious, and the littles especially loved the little Halloween favors I put on their plates!

Just as we were about finished eating, my brother Jason, his wife Elena, and their cute son, Cooper arrived up at our house to go trick-or-treating with everyone.  So we quickly got the littles in their costumes (Isaac: Spider-Man, Emi: Snow White, and Zachary: Pirate) and then everyone was off for a night of candy collecting while me, Ali and Benson stayed behind to hand out candy.

By 8:30 PM everyone was back from trick-or-treating.  We said goodbye to our family and friends, turned off the porch light, locked the door, and then Dave and I tag teamed to get the littles in bed by 9:30 so they wouldn't be too tired for school the next morning (does anyone else hate having Halloween on a weekday?!).  And that was that!

Hope you all had a wonderful Halloween too!

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