thanksgiving table decorations

Can you believe Thanksgiving is next Thursday?!  My littles and I are really excited for this holiday and have loved the fun things we've been doing to celebrate!   One of our favorite things to do is simple (and I really do mean simple...I'm definitely not a huge crafty person) Thanksgiving crafts.  In the past, our Thanksgiving crafts have consisted of leaf turkeys and a thankful tree. But this year, I thought it would be fun to make some thanksgiving table decorations.

I really love the idea of creating meaningful holiday experiences.  Something I shared here.  So this year, I came up with the idea of making chalkboard tree slab place settings for our Thanksgiving table decorations, that guests could write on what they are thankful for; and then share what they wrote during Thanksgiving dinner.  Plus, this Thanksgiving craft is also a great thanksgiving decorating idea for your table!  And with it being so simple, my littles were able to help make these chalkboard tree slab place settings practically on their own!

So, if you are looking for some fun and easy Thanksgiving crafts and/or Thanksgiving table decorations, this one is a perfect go to!

Here's what you do...

DIY Chalkboard Tree Slab Place Settings for your Thanksgiving Table

What you need:

Wooden tree slab coasters (can buy in a set of 3 at JoAnn's)

Chalkboard paint

Foam paint brush

Chalk or chalk marker

What you do:

1) Paint one side of your wooden tree slab coaster with 2-3 layers of chalkboard paint.

2) Write each dinner guest's name at the top, with your chalk or chalk marker and then leave space at the bottom for each person to write down what they are thankful for with a piece of chalk that you will place on top of their place setting.

That's it.  DIY thanksgiving crafts like this are my favorite because they take hardly any time to make and have a great meaning behind it, making them Thanksgiving table decorations that everyone will love.  Hope you have so much fun making your own!

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