Now that the majority of my littles are old enough to understand what Christmas is all about, they are super excited for this time of year.  We put our tree up the day after Thanksgiving, have our house fully decorated, and already have a mile long list of activities that need to happen before Santa comes.  Ha ha!  

Intermixed with decorating christmas cookies, going sledding, seeing the lights at Temple Square, and building a huge snowman, we also have a few parties to attend.  So this holiday season is going to be quite busy.  But, there will be some days when we will just be hanging out at home.  And to keep my littles from telling me how bored they are, I know I'm going to need to have a few tricks up my sleeves to keep them happily entertained and my mental sanity in check. 

So, listed below are some amazingly fun and kid friendly Christmas activities that I know will be a huge hit!  

5 Amazingly Fun Christmas Activities for Kids

1) Build Your Own Snowman

You can buy this specific kit for $1 in the Target dollar aisle.  Or, you can make your own play snow with a recipe I have HERE.

2) Fabric Doodle Stocking

You could also make your own by tracing a stocking pattern onto a piece of white fabric, cutting it out, and then giving your kids fabric markers to draw their own designs on to it.

3) Make Your Own Gingerbread House

I love this spin on the traditional gingerbread house because it is way less messy and stressful.  With just some crayons, markers, colored pencils, and whatever other craft supplies you have on hand, your kids will have so much fun transforming their blank cardboard gingerbread house into a masterpiece!
I got my cardboard gingerbread houses from Target.  But THIS is also a really fun alternative!

4) Various Christmas Games
There are a ton of printable Christmas games that you could use to easily entertain your kids.  But these are my absolute favorite...

5) Ice Cream Cone Christmas Trees

Christmas activities for Christmas

This one requires you to be a little more hands on, but it's a lot of fun!  Here's what you do:

Items Needed

Old fashioned sugar cones

White canned frosting

Green food dye

Tube Frosting

M&Ms (or any other kind of candy)

Paper plates

Plastic knives

What You Do

1) Mix in some of your green food dye into your white canned frosting to make it green.

2) Using your plastic knife, cover your ice cream cone with your green frosting.

3) Decorate your frosted ice cream cone with your M&M's and tube frosting

4) Use as Christmas decor or eat!

These are tried and true methods that I have used with my littles and they are absolutely amazing!  But if you are looking for other ideas, visit my Christmas Pinterest Board.  I have a ton there!  XX

P.S. I shared these ideas for my LIVE monthly news segment; which you can watch below.

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