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I love the holidays.  But I hate how commercial they can get.  Of course, I know this is just the world we live in.  But my littles are growing up in it, and I don't want them to think that this time of year is only fancy dinner parties with expensive dishware, extravagant food, festive outfits, and everything else that society wants you to think this time of year is about.

As my littles grow, I want them to know that this time of year isn't about acquiring the finer things in life, but rather be grateful for what we already have and helping those in need.  So to incorporate this for Thanksgiving 2016 (and even Christmas too!) I came up with a few things I could do to help my littles, and anyone else who visits for Thanksgiving dinner, have a memorable holiday season and really remember what this time of the year is all about.

3 Tips for a Memorable Thanksgiving 

thanksgiving day

1) Thankful Card Station:
This is one of my favorites!  I have always loved snail mail because it retains that human element that quickly gets lost in text messages and e-mails.  So, on Thanksgiving day, why not encourage your guest to spread some love to those in need by setting up a card station somewhere in your home so your littles and other visitors can write thank you notes, love letters, etc. to people they are grateful for.  AND...if you are looking for some incredible stationary to use, my absolute favorite is Robert and Stella!

thanksgiving day

2) Hands-on Gratitude Table Runner an/or Place Settings:
Instead of buying an average, factory produced table runner for your Thanksgiving dinner, opt to do this kind instead.  Simply buy a few yards of fabric from your local fabric store (or buy a plain white/cream table runner from the store), use a sewing machine to turn it into a table runner, place it on your table and then lay out a few black fabric markers.  As guests sit down to eat Thanksgiving dinner.  Or even while they are still waiting for the food to finish cooking, encourage them to pick up a marker and write down a few things they are grateful for.  Then, once everyone is well into eating, go around the table and ask each person to share/point out what they wrote, and why.

thanksgiving dinner

3) Spruced Up Left-Over Food Boxes:
When it comes to Thanksgiving day, there always seems to be an excess of food.  So, why not encourage your family members and guests to think of someone who could use a nice Thanksgiving dinner and then pack up some of your leftover in a food storage box that they can decorate with ribbon, festive tags, and other beautiful trimmings and then deliver to their person in need on their way home?  Not only will everyone have a fun time making up their parcels, but they will also love the feeling they get of knowing they helped someone in need.

Halloween has always been my favorite holiday.  But the older I get, the more I fall in love with this time of year because it helps me remember what life is all about.  So here's to Thanksgiving 2016 being filled with gratitude, love, and service!

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