Back when I had just Isaac and Emi, I would start brainstorming my family Halloween costumes ideas way in advance because I couldn't get enough of the all the absolutely darling family halloween costumes you could create with a baby!  But these days, I have found it really hard to keep doing things that way.  Especially since Isaac and Emi aren't the biggest fans of themed family Halloween costumes any more and would much rather do their own thing.  Luckily though, we have a few Halloween events we go to each year, and I have convinced them to do family halloween costumes for at least one of these events.  Ha ha!

While talking to some other moms about our love for DIY family halloween costumes I thought it would be fun to a whole post based on this slight obsession of mine and somehow convinced my dear friends Kaylynn, Makelle, Jen S., Whitney, Roxana, and Jen J. to do it with me and share their favorite DIY family costumes ideas too.  I was simply amazed with what these mamas came up with.  So make sure to check out their websites too for all the details on each of their family costumes ideas!

As for me...our DIY family Halloween costumes came from Zachary's current love for Peter Pan.  I was Wendy, Emi-Tinkerbell, Isaac-The Crocodile, Zachary-Peter Pan, and Benson-Captain Hook.  And, since Benson was definitely going to be a part of this, I made sure our family Halloween costumes worked with my sweet baby too and were just as enjoyable for him to wear.  Which meant that I gathered a lot of dress-up and clothing items my littles already wore on a daily basis and then purchased any items I need to complete the look.  And that was it!  I think in all, I spent a total of 2 hours and only $50 on our family halloween costumes!  Commence the mama happy dance!  Ha ha!

I seriously thought coming up with and creating DIY family halloween costumes for me and my four littles was going to be quite the headache.  But it ended up being the exact opposite!  I just love it when things like that happen!  

This year, we will be wearing our family Halloween costumes to our annual Halloween themed neighborhood chili cook-off.  And since I spent hardly any money on the costumes I'm barely even worried about all the stains and spills I know are going to happen.

Whatever you decide to do, I hope you have fun putting together your littles' Halloween costumes this year!   

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Here are some other items I think would be perfect additions to your family Halloween Costumes this year!

P.S. I'm wearing this Shabby Apple dress in gingham.  Zachary is this pair of Freshly Picked moccs and Benson is wearing these

Thanks again Roxana B. Photography for taking the pictures!

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