Protecting your children from internet dangers

The world we live in is one heck of a scary place!  Over the past couple years, I've heard on various occasions that children are exposed to pornography as young as 7 years old.  A fact that has hit me really hard because Isaac will be 7 next year.

Whether it's watched on t.v., viewed at a friend's house, placed in reading material, encountered through a video game, seen on an app, or pulled up on the computer...pornography is there.  And as parents, Dave and I often feel extremely overwhelmed with how constantly we have to be on guard with this horrible stuff.  Especially when it comes to blocking internet pornography because I feel like everything is connected to the internet these days!  

Luckily, I have come across Sophos Home. An amazing and FREE online security system that helps you block internet pornography, along with a bunch of other computer threats, with the same award winning technology IT professionals trust to protect their businesses online.  But my favorite part of all is that you can manage security settings for your whole family from any browser.  When it comes to online protection, this product really is the best of the best and you can learn more about Sophos through their incredible  tool kit that has everything you need to know about this online service and how to get started with using it, HERE.   

The most important role a mom has is protecting her littles from people and things that can harm them.  And blocking internet pornography definitely falls under that role.  So, to help out any of you moms who are looking for more things you can do to protect your babies, here are some other things that I do to protect my children from internet dangers.

Protecting Children from Internet Dangers

1) Teach your children to avoid starting conversations with anyone they don't know.

2) Discuss the importance of never giving out your personal information, geographical location, or any other form of information.  If you own a smart phone, you can can turn off your geographical location identifier by going to SETTINGS > LOCATION SERVICES > OFF

3) Avoid playing online games at questionable websites.  Sophos will definitely help out with this!

4) Be aware of how long your child spends each day online.  Especially if it's mostly at night.

5) Create a dialogue of open communication with your little(s) so they know they can talk to you about anything they may view or have happen to them.

I seriously could fill endless pages with information on this stuff;  which I love because with all the different ways there are for our children to come across pornography, there are just as many ways for us as parents, to combat it.   And Sophos Home is a great place to start .  

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