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Benson will be turning 6 months on November 1st (insert the OMG emoji like a million times!) and if things go the way they have with all my other kids, he will be crawling before I know it and I'll have to install our baby gate for our stairs to keep him from falling down them.

Luna: one of the best baby gates for your stairs

Anyone of you other moms have a baby fall down the stairs before?  It has totally happened to me, and it is one of the worst experiences ever!  For both me, and my baby.  So I take children safety very seriously!   The first day my babies start to scoot across the floor, I instantly start child-proofing our home and have Dave help me install the safety gate right away.

Over the past six years, we have been through a few safety gates.  Which have all done the job I needed them too.  But the safety gates weren't anything I absolutely loved.  So when I had to jump into child safety mode this time around, I wanted something that was; and definitely found that in the new Luna baby gate by Munchkin.  And I bet I could say the same for you too!

If you were to think of everything you'd love to find in safety gates, the Luna has it!  This award-winning safety gate lights up your space with modern taste, featuring a motion-activated LED light and turnkey mounts for installation that takes only minutes!  Making it one of the best baby gates for stairs...and really anywhere else in the home too!  It really is the best of the best!  And when it finally arrived at our home, I was super excited to open and install it right away.  And Zachary was right there with me! He simply couldn't wait to help me open the box with his plastic play dough knife.  Ha ha!

But, if you are (or will soon be) looking for your own brand of baby gates for your stairs (or any other place in your home) and would like to know more on the selection process you should be making, here are some tips and tricks I have learned over the year in this realm of life.

How to Choose the Best Baby Gate

1) Figure out where in your home you need baby gates and then determine the size and shapes of those areas in your home.  Doing this will help you better determine which type of baby gate you should get...

Standard-fits normal sized doorways (30"-45") inside your home.

Extra Wide-great for homes with a more open floor plan.

Specialty-these are great for spaces with angled walls.

NOTE: Make sure you measure the space you will be installing your gate BEFORE you go shopping.  

2) Decide how you want to install your gate.  Baby gates can either be wall mounted (screw them into your wall to secure them in place) or pressure mounted (work by placing pressure on the walls to secure them in place).  If you are only planning on having your baby gate up until your baby can easily go up and down the stairs or learn to stay away/out of an area in your home you don't want them to go, then a pressure installed gate may be the way to go.  But, if you would rather keep the gate in until your baby is much older, then the wall-mounted baby gate would be your best option.

3) Determine what style you like.  Baby gates come in so many options.  Wood, metal, plastic, name it, it's out there.  So decide what you like best for your home and begin looking from there.

If you are new to buying a baby gate, this can seem a bit daunting.  But hang in there!  You're preparation and research will definitely pay off and you will end up with a baby gate that you absolutely love!  Just like I did with my Luna baby gate by Munchkin!

Cheers to the next milestone with our littles! 

This is a sponsored post by Munchkin.  Thanks to all the brands out there who help keep Mumsy running!


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