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It's been almost 4 and half months since we moved into our new home.  But there are days when my kids (and even me) are still getting used to this new place.  One thing I have definitely worried about in the house that we've ever lived in, is if my family feels, and is, safe in.  Which means I like to do a few things like coming up with safety plans for my children so they know what to do if there is a fire or earthquake, talk to my children about safety tactics, and purchase/use various children safety products.  

motion lights: children safety

When it comes to children safety products, there are so many out there.  Especially for children in the toddler phase of life.  But, I don't feel there are as many out there for kids who are no longer toddlers.  Which is why I was super excited when I learned about Motion Activated LED lights.  With their sleek designs, these lights blend in great with any home decor while still adding the security of light when it is dark.  Making these some great child safety products that any mom would love! 

Since I want to help my littles feel more secure in our new house, I got a night light for each of them to place in a spot in our home that they thought could use a little more light.  After giving my littles some good examples of  places in our home that could use a little more light when it's dark, I gave them the task of seeking out just the right spot for their light.  Emi decided to put her light in the upstairs bathroom, Isaac opted to put his right next to the couch in the living room so mommy and daddy would have some extra light when they get up to feed Benson at night, and Zachary put his in the reading nook downstairs.
With days getting darker much sooner than I like, I love the extra little amounts of light and security these particular children safety products bring into our home.  And I know you will too!  

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