fall outdoor sports: local soccer team for children

When Dave and I decided to have kids, one of the things we talked about was when we should start letting our kids do extra curricular activities; and decided that once our kids turned 5, we would start signing them up for things like little league, ballet, and even some art classes.  

So, when Isaac turned 5 last summer, we had to wait until the Fall to start signing him up for extracurricular sports and since soccer is sort of the big thing to do during that time of year, I decided to enroll Isaac in a parent/child soccer group to help him get used to the sport and not be so nervous about going to it.  Sadly, it didn't turn out to be what I expected and Isaac got to a point where he would refuse to go.  Of course, I made him go anyways because I had paid for the class, and I wanted him to also learn that we finish what we start.  But let me tell you, that last day of class couldn't come fast enough for him (or me) Ha ha! 

As I looked back on the experience, I always find myself perplexed about why Isaac didn't like going to his soccer practices.  Especially because he seemed to love kicking a ball around at home.  But, the more I thought about it, the more I realized it wasn't necessarily Isaac that was the issue.  Instead, it was the facility that offered the lessons.  Though the soccer lessons were definitely put together for the kids, it was just your run of the mill rec center program.  Which meant you couldn't expect anything too spectacular.  And even though Isaac didn't really care for soccer.  I'm definitely going to try one more time and go with a soccer program that isn't so basic.

fall outdoor sports: local soccer team for children

One of my favorite soccer programs like this is Utah Lil' Kickers.  

Started by Sergio and Leah Navas, Utah Lil' Kickers is a non-competitive program made for kids 18 mo.- 9 yrs; that celebrates the effort of every child instead of the goals they make.  The coaches of this indoor facility are well trained and provide highly creative, high energy and age-appropriate activities and classes that serve as a great introduction to soccer and help children master developmental milestones.

With their main focus being about helping children to mature on all levels, I think Utah Lil' Kickers is definitely the place to go.  So I will definitely be signing Isaac up here!

Oh, and in case you don't live in Utah.  Lil' Kickers is a National program so go here to see if they are located in your state!  But, if you are local, the Utah Lil' Kickers will be having their opening social on October 28th between 4-8 pm and also October 29th from 10 am to 1 pm. Everyone who goes will get a free Lil' Kickers Mini-Ball and a chance to participate in some fun, high energy games with the amazing coaches.  SO make sure to swing by and check them out!

Three cheers for it being the weekend!

This is a sponsored post by Utah Lil' Kickers.  Thanks to all the companies out there who help keep Mumsy running!

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