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I love being a mom.  It's something I've always wanted to be since I was a little girl.   And having a daughter was definitely something I always dreamed of whenever I thought about one day having kids of my own.  Of course, I wanted to have boys too.  But, as a girl, there was just something so exciting to me about the mother daughter relationship.  Probably because I remember having a great mother daughter relationship with my own mom.  And when I became a mom I wanted  to do the same shopping trips, tea parties, rainy day crafts, and nail painting sessions with my own daughter.

bond with kids

These are some of my favorite pictures of me and Emi.  A couple weeks ago we went up to Gardner Village for a birthday party and my good friend Roxana was there too and was kind enough to take these pics of us just being us. :)

Emi insisted on choosing her outfit for the party and I just love what she came up with!  I love her leotard from This Tribe of Three and secretly wish they had something in my size!

mother daughter relationship

Fast forward about a decade or so and I have Emi in my life.  

So far, she is my only daughter.  And though there are some days when I feel like she definitely needs a sister (Dave on the other hand is thinking he should get a vasectomy - LOL!), I have currently loved not having to stress about figuring out how to divide my time up for more than one daughter.  It's just Emi and I.  So it has been pretty easy to bond with her.  Something that I think is really important since she may one day get married and become a mom, which gives me the amazing and sacred opportunity of teaching her everything I have learned in those two realms of life.

It's definitely a daunting job.  But I strongly believe that when a mother takes the time to bond with their kids, they not only positively influence the life of their children, but also the future generations of people that will come from your family.

I totally feel like I'm preaching a sermon right now.  Ha ha!  But if any of you mamas are wanting to bond with your girl(s), here are some mother daughter relationship tactics I have found to really strengthen the bond I have with Emi.

5 Easy Ways to Bond with Your Daughter

1) Make Time
Life these days is chaotic.  I always feel like I'm going a thousand mile a minute, and barely have any seconds to spend on anything but the daily grind.  But, I have found that when I set aside 15 minutes a day to spend quality one-on-one time with Emi, it really strengthens our relationship.  Right now, those 15 minutes consist of having tea parties, playing house, or running over to our favorite bakery to get a donut.  And even though we are playing, or eating, those are 15 uninterrupted minutes that I have to better get to know my daughter, discuss important 4 year old topics, learn more about who my daughter is becoming or wants to be.

2) Find Similarities
When you are in the phase of life of raising tiny littles, it can be hard to find ways to bond with your kids.  But, the more kids I have, the more I realize there is always something that I have in common with my own littles.  No matter how old they are.  Right now, Emi is 4 going on 5 and she is at that magical age where playing dress up is simply the best.  And since I am more of a girly girl, playing dress up is right up my ally too!  So I have found that painting nails, doing each other's make-up, and going shopping for hair ribbons are some great ways for Emi and I to strengthen our mother daughter relationship.

3) Talk About Hard Things
Kids face hard things.  Just like we do as adults.  And I've found the best way to help Emi face the challenges she has in her life, or will have in her life, is to have natural conversations that allow her to open up about anything hard she experienced or is experiencing.  One way I really like to do this is by talking with each of my littles about how their day went while we are all eating dinner.  I have found that my kids talk a ton when they are sitting at the table and eating.  So this works as a great way for me (and Dave) to bond better with our kids and share our insights on the challenges they are facing.

4) Go on Dates
If you've been reading over here for a while, you know I LOVE going on dates with my kids.  I wrote a whole post about it HERE.  So make sure to check it out and see some of my favorite dates that I go on with my kids.

5) Do Something Exciting
Meaning, do something that is a little thrilling like a bike race on an easy path or grassy hill, riding a roller coaster together, going camping, or anything else that will have your daughter saying, "Remember when we..."

Forming a bond with your girl definitely requires some effort on your end.  But once you commit to doing it, you will be amazed at the incredible mother daughter relationship you form!        

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