yellowstone family vacation

I should have written this post hours ago, but sucked into looking at countless airbnb rentals for the 10 year wedding anniversary trip Dave and I want do there next April.  Ha ha!  If there's one thing I love and dreamy of doing, it's traveling.  Which is why I made Dave promise me that we would do our best to try and take our kids somewhere outside of Utah every year.  So when my mom told me that she wanted to take everyone on a Yellowstone family vacation in September, I was super excited because I had never been to this incredible national park when summer melts into fall.

yellowstone family vacation

things to do in yellowstone with toddlers

things to do in yellowstone with toddlers

best family activities in yellowstone

best family activities in yellowstone

best family activities in yellowstone

If you follow my blog quite regularly, then you read all about part one of our Yellowstone family vacation we did back in July with Dave's family.   But, during that trip we spent less than 24 hours inside the park because there were so many other things on the agenda for our week long trip up there.  However, when we went back up again in September with my family, we spent our entire vacation in Yellowstone.  And though I was super excited about it, I was also a little bit nervous because I had no clue if we would be able to come up with enough entertaining things to do in Yellowstone with my busy kids.  So, before we left, I got online and researched everything I could on kid friendly attractions and things to do in Yellowstone with toddlers and was surprised by the amount of things I found!  

Once we got to Yellowstone, we quickly got to checking off items on the "Best activities to do in Yellowstone" check list I made.  Though I personally think all of the items on this list were pretty darn awesome, some of our favorites were playing on the ginormous uprooted tree at the paint pots, visiting the Old Faithful and drinking hot chocolate on the deck while we watch Old Faithful go off, stopping to take some silly pics at the Continental divide, picking out some souvenirs in the darling gift shop next to Mammoth Hot Springs, and looking for wildlife in East Yellowstone (we ended up seeing countless buffalo, two rams, about a dozen elk, and two black bears!!!).

This was definitely a trip to remember!  And, if you too are thinking of visiting Yellowstone this fall or any time in the future, below is a copy of the activity list I created.

10 Best Family Activities in Yellowstone

1) Watch for wildlife. 
During the fall, you can see most of the wildlife in Hayden Valley.

2) Become a junior ranger. 
We totally spaced doing this.  But we had some friends who went to Yellowstone with their kids just before we did and said this was their kids' favorite thing that they did on their trip!  You can get all the info HERE.  

3) Have an outdoor picnic.
We had ours at Otter Creek Picnic Area and it was simply breathtaking!  Plus, the picnic area is right off the river, so we even got to do a little fishing during our lunch break!

4) Visit Old Faithful Lodge.
Not only is this place stunning, they also have some good restaurants, a huge lounging deck to view Old Faithful, and live music! 

5) Stop at a visitor center.
Yellowstone has 8!

6) Participate in a ranger program.

7) See the Continental Divide and recreate the same family picture I took there with my family when I was little.

8) Hike the paint pots and visit the huge uprooted tree at the entrance of the trail.

9) Buy a souvenir at the Mammoth Hot Springs gift shop.

10) Watch the sailboats on Yellowstone lake 
Or do you own boat ride on this lake!

Happy traveling!  AND...hope you all have a fabulous fall break!  My littles have theirs this week, and I'm so excited!

P.S. I got my sweater and leggings here and Benson and Zachary's moccs here.

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  1. When you were there where did you stay? I am always interested in places to stay!