Every year, both mine and Dave's parents are coming up with really fun family vacation ideas for our extended family.  In the past, we have gone to places like Bryce Canyon, Disneyland, and a few other National Parks here in Utah.  But this year, both of our families planned Yellowstone family vacations.  Which meant our family is lucky enough to get to go twice in less than 3 months!  

yellowstone family vacation

We went with Dave's family in July,  and will be going with my family this month.  So today, I thought I would share with you the Yellowstone family vacation we did with Dave's family because along with going to Yellowstone National Park, we also visited the Tetons, and some really fun places in Idaho that would be perfect to visit almost year round!  Just in case any of you are currently on the lookout for some family vacation ideas.

best family activities in yellowstone

Drove through Idaho at night and the moon was so huge, we had to get out and look at it.  P.S. one of my favorite things to wear on road trips are dresses from Flor de Luz shop.

Taking a break on our way to Yellowstone to feed Benson.  A huge group of Asian tourists stopped to tell me how cute he was!

things to do in yellowstone with a toddler: prismatic springs

Stopping to see Prismatic Spring.  Seeing the photo bomber still cracks me up!  Especially because he is so old!  #seniorcitizengoals.

things to do in yellowstone with a toddler: prismatic springs

The many faces of Emi.  Never a dull moment with this sweet girl of mine!

Old Faithful!

It was so hot we took the kids inside the historic Yellowstone Lodge for some ice cream.

The Teton Mountains.  One of my favorite places in the entire world.  One day I'm going to build my dream home at its base.

When it came to figuring out where to stay in Yellowstone National Park, Dave's parents opted to rent a cabin in Driggs, Idaho instead because it was way cheaper than anything right next to the national park.  Plus it was right in between the Teton State Park and Jackson Hole, Wyoming,  giving us tons more to see and do.  But, if you'd like to stay a little closer to Yellowstone, I talked to a few locals about where to stay in Yellowstone National Park and they said you can never go wrong with an Air B&B.  

Overall, this Yellowstone family vacation was so fun!  We were there for almost an entire week and spent our days visiting the national park, going river rafting, sight seeing the Teton Mountain range, celebrating Isaac's 6th birthday (more to come on that later this month!), seeing a movie at The Spud-a darling Drive In theater that was nestled in the middle of nowhere, and making many fun trips into the quaint town of Driggs.  If you were to ask us what our favorite part was, I don't think any of us could give you one set answer.  But we would for sure tell you that we can't wait to go on our second Yellowstone family vacation in the next little bit!

Happy Labor Day weekend!  Hope you are all getting to do something magically fun with your littles.

P.S. My floral dress (new) and shoes (used) are from My Sister's Closet.  A darling local store here in Utah that sells both new and gently used clothing and accessories.  If you don't live in Utah, they also have a website.  So make sure to check them out!

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  1. wow all the photos are awesome! I can see both peace and happiness there. Thanks for sharing. Enjoy your time together :)

    1. Thanks so much Lydia! I have fallen in love with Yellowstone over the past few years, and can't wait to go back! Much love!