healthy halloween treats for school lunch

Just like me, Isaac is obsessed with Halloween.  He loves everything about the holiday.  Especially nearly every and any kind of Halloween treat there is.  I'm the same way.  And though I secretly hoard way too many bags of Halloween treats that I secretly eat behind the locked door of my bathroom (we've all been there, right?).  I would rather not have Isaac, or any of my other children getting used to eating unhealthy amounts of sugar.  So, over the last couple years, I've been on the hunt for more healthy Halloween treats for my littles and even myself.  

healthy halloween treats

Last year, after scouring the internet for healthy Halloween treats, I tried them out with my littles and even shared them in THIS blog post.  Now that Isaac is in First Grade (I still die a little inside every time I say/write that!) and eating lunch at school,  I thought it would be fun to look for healthy Halloween treats that would be perfect in a school lunch, and came up with these...

Spooky + Healthy Halloween Treats for your Little's School Lunch

Spider sandwich

Witches brooms

Skeleton cucumbers

Mummy juice box

Tangerine Jack-o-lantern

Vampire dentures cookie (yes, this one is totally unhealthy.  But I live by the motto "All things in moderation" ;) )

If you think your littles will love these as much as Isaac does, then head over to my Halloween Pinterest Board for all the recipes!

P.S. My bento box is from Sprout San Francisco.  

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