Spiderman birthday party

If you're looking for a Pinterest worthy Spider-Man themed party, then you have come to the wrong place.  Haha!  But seriously, as much as I wish I could say my life was one big Pinterest isn't.  Of course there are moments of pin worthy perfection in it.  But most of the time it's messy, hectic, and exhausting.  Things I somewhat knowingly signed up for when I decided to have four kids.  Which means these days it just isn't possible, sometimes, to throw an over-the-top party that everyone will want to save on their own party themed Pinterest board.  And these days, I'm totally okay with that.  So, if you are too, then read on!  However, if you are still able to host some Pinterest worthy parties, and would much rather spend your time reading about those, then you should definitely check out my Pinterest account or some of my past parties...

Spiderman birthday ideas

Taking a break from stopping crime to take some tabloid pics.

Each year, we let the littles choose what they want for breakfast on their birthdays.  And this year, Isaac requested Great Grandma's buttermilk waffles and homemade hashbrowns.

Isaac just loves being around all of his cousins.  So he was super excited to have a cousins only party this year.

Spiderman birthday cake

Plastic spider rings, red sprinkles, and a blue interior are just what Isaac wanted as part of his birthday cake this year.

Playing in the sprinklers before the party.

Looking at this picture makes me laugh so hard!  I remember Isaac trying really hard to smile for the picture, but saying he just really really really wanted to blow out his candles!  Clearly, that is exactly what he was thinking in this picture.  This guy is such a good sport when it comes to his picture obsessed mom!

When the time came for me to sit down with Isaac earlier this summer and plan out his sixth (SIXTH!) birthday party, I was super excited to see what he would come up with because this guy got bit by the party planning bug just as bad as I did; and has some the best ideas I've ever heard of (i.e. an Anaconda and Shark Mash Up party, Halloween in July party, Glow in the Dark Splash Pad Party, etc.).  And this year was going to be no exception.  Which left me a little bit nervous because I knew we would be in on family vacation with dave's family during Isaac's birthday and knew I wouldn't be able to do anything too extravagant this time around.  So I was super relieved when Isaac stuck more to the simple side of life and requested that he have a Spider-Man themed  birthday party with lots of fun games, a piñata, brownies, cupcakes, ice cream sundaes, and of course...cake.  Ha ha!

Of course, I knew I would have to scale back on the various treats Isaac wanted.  But the rest I knew I could easily plan and execute.  So, before we left on our family trip, I hit up Target and Amazon to purchase all of the party essentials I would need for Isaac's Spider-Man themed birthday party and packed them into my suit case.  Then I purchased everything I would need to make Isaac's cake and birthday meals at local grocery store near the cabin we were all staying at for our trip.

After that, everything else was a breeze.

I decorated the cabin with the store-bought Spider-Man decorations, helped dave make Isaac's requested spaghetti dinner and spiderweb birthday cake,  orchestrated some simple party games (relay races, freeze tag, etc.) that helped all the cousins get in tune with their spidy senses, and ended the  Spider-Man party with a huge Spider-Man piñata that Isaac choose online.  And that's it!  I was a little worried that Isaac would feel like this party was too simple.  But was quickly put at ease when he gave me a big hug at the end of his party and said that it was, "the best day ever!". Ha ha!  Teaching me that what truly makes a birthday special is the love and thoughtfulness you fill it with.

Happy happy birthday my dear, sweet Isaac!  You are my ray of sunshine on a cloudy day and I'm so so glad you are mine!



  1. great, nice party with spidermans, its so unique

    1. Thanks so much Marion! It was a fun party to put together! XX

  2. wowee. My son's birthday is ahead and this is exactly what I'm looking for. Thanks a lot for sharing. Your family looks great in those photos. I can see a lot of fun :)

    1. How exciting Lydia! I hope you have so much fun planning and celebrating your little guy's special day! XX